Justin pasutto hello hello are you still working headphones perfect. So I told her one of the break tonight I’ll see you guys. I have a couple more I would like to get done today just to stay on track to hit 20 of these for the week. I was really hoping to maybe here at least by 5:30 this week but I do that when I get more than 5 basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Today just because I’m kind of distracted with other things. I have a couple of things I really wanted it done today but at Sarah asked Berry 2 posters are for sale that was supposed to return it was not returned. So I got a couple mirrors I need to list as well as some of doorknobs I believe. But I just have to kind of take some pictures of those bigger World post them on and all that kind of thing. Highlight for lunch today I got a taco salad. I put a little bit of Fritos in it which apply to need to do but I did it anyways but I’m hoping that maybe to the next update will have more of a healthier to purple cell. On my way to stop and get some black beans after work to mix it with it so we black beans corn cheese I might get some tomatoes and stuff like that. Just not as much like junky stuff in it. But yeah so right now we’re kind of just like reorganizing my home screen and stuff on my phone I just signed that like I don’t like it when it’s super cluttered but right now I’m trying to rearrange some things my kids. Everything is easy to find and the flag of location I have so. for this article are you talking about the Ferguson magazine I believe. I am I think I talked about a couple things in this magazine a few weeks ago just because not sure if you’re just going to come across my desk or for what reason but I to talk about it a little bit but I’m going to kind of go with a little bit again basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Just talked about some different things I think point out some new things may be. There are definitely a lot of different rooms and such in this magazine. Hopefully she’s just going to match talk about and I don’t think that I covered a lot of is the last time. We have another turn down screen deleting a lot of guys that I don’t know he’s a lot like the my spectrum app I obviously don’t need that because I don’t have start your Wi-Fi right now either just because our apartment offers free Wi-Fi and the resume I also deleted some just random hats. Again just to the cold water more than anything I’m just going to open this magazine have to rent a page and I talked about it. So first page open up to his gorgeous outdoor dining space. And I was going to say is it outdoor dining spacing outdoor dining and living space. Looks like it’s the back door you could have walked it also could kind of look like the front door. I’m assuming it’s the backyard but you walked out the door. Which this gorgeous and navy know it’s like a matte black door. This guy at all send horizontal mirror glass window in it. And have a good one the walls are all like this kind of like wooden built out character details while. I think it looks super nice how they did it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

There’s a lot of vertical wooden pieces around it and that kind of thing. And if also accented early I guess contrast the walls with they have like a black metal ceiling. It almost looks like a metal pergola type of thing. It looks really cool but I also like how like half of it is covered. So half of its open half of its cover and it offers good shape but also offer some Subway and I think that it was just a really smart functional architectural thing that they get there. They also did a really smart thing line all that because of a 4 like the dining area space I guess they did like a dad. And it’s about maybe 2 feet all I would say. It’s like his gorgeous just wouldn’t dark and oh my gosh babe the Pick 3 but yes I bet does this gorgeous dark. And so the kitchen area with its white cabinets what knot is on top of the stack and your You’re sitting area on your concrete patio is basement remodeling Milwaukee. But I’m looking at the kitchen they did a really nice job you can tell they’ve got this girl kind of built set into the cabinets and they have like I think it looks like a fridge maybe there’s another thing. I’m not sure what it is you can only see the side of and then it’s so we’re so I know it said Appliance I could tell you what kind of appliances basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I have just like a nice little staying and I just think overall took really nice kitchen that they put outside. And then next to the kitchen and want to go down the steps to do a little sitting area with this really cool like fire pit thing. They really do a good job of like having a multi-purpose multi-function kind of outdoor indoor living space. And I want to take it to myself just sitting out there reading a book hanging out. You can also see I just don’t sit there like an outdoor heater. So you can kind of use it year-round. I definitely wish that I had more of an outdoor paste on my balcony because I do like being outside and just kind of sitting out there but I got can he has some limited space basement remodeling Milwaukee.