Here we go here comes the final whatever one of these is of the week hopefully. I’m going to see if whatever I put in the microwave is still hot I hope it is but most likely it’s not check real quick enough basement remodeling milwaukee  Arby’s Greek Gyro this is the second day in a row I’ve had RVs and I’ve had four sandwiches in two days and to orange cream shakes so try to put it on the record that I have you it looks worse when I have to breed it out and when I say yes in the last two days I’ve had three beef and Cheddars a gyro into orange cream shakes.  not happy body probably is not happy with the decisions I’m making do you like Arby’s every other Euros Gyros see Arby’s at the Euro did you know well from already at Arby’s that place was good I had to that one day.

Arby’s there’s a place basement remodeling milwaukee on this the weather tomorrow embarking is yellow right.  oh there’s a place on Highway hundred called brother’s Greek whatever but that’s going to be Rows 2 I can’t believe the hate on Arby’s see I like I don’t know I like fast food even though I know it’s not real you don’t like the curly fries you’ll get like three that are like the perfect girl yeah like the pigs tail yeah you don’t want the fry that looks like they want a girl curls are hair that’s how it looks like that’s not a curly fry the pig’s tail kind of good but yeah a half of the space all right that’s what.

My buddy that staying with me from Cincinnati that’s exactly what he told me last night when I had Arby’s the little things that conversation last night why am I getting curly fries on three of them work early groceries basement remodeling milwaukee knock-offs ostriches that’s what groceries came okay I don’t know if we keep looking. We will see that if we go to all the movies that I have seven now just 7 ratings which is exciting there is there somewhere out there we go there’s inside out go back to movies top movies we will go to animation movies which I think the greatest comedy is what is It Happened One Night Toy Story 4 is not a comedy klansman is not comedy booksmart not, Coco is not a poisonous comedy movies or what what are actually seen is a zootopia movie there is not a lot of backward Step Brothers that’s a great comedy movie Chicken Run I guess I can just kind of read off the names of these movies Architect I will do a either I can basement remodeling milwaukee do a JoJo rabbit movies to review are teeth how did Joe JoJo rabbit I like to do stuff without how’s the weather today I should do that that is I should do that when you park on the street or Something I wonder if you get if they find out that it’s fake.

I wonder if you can get ticketed for that I want somebody else put it on my car I was wondering I was talking about zootopia that was a very fun zootopia okay so let’s just do what Their Step Brothers play Superbad is there is two brothers 2008 see how people rate this movie I don’t even know like I mean it’s obviously comedy so it’s got to be rated better than other movies I don’t know why some by varied it’s hello but we think is one of the greatest comedies of all time I slept pretty good See Step Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee 20 40 60 80 95 out of how do you say out of 100 so if you say.  be safe one of the funniest movies ever seen I’ve ever seen every 2 minutes 2 minutes get some soup and just will you didn’t offer me any so I couldn’t.  on the way to you color block hoodie 160 carbs in your hands right now just all carbs nothing else I want you to limit yourself I got a lot of energy but man it’s just I get tired quick your muscle definition the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.  easily Will Ferrell’s Ali Will Ferrell’s usually Will Ferrell’s best the best paste Thursday I get some tomorrow is Will Ferrell’s best as Can we go to movies and we can go to top movies we can see where we go 2 top 100 action adventure see what this thing says number one rated go ahead we will see the top 100 action adventure movies basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Star Wars The Last Jedi I got to see this movie cuz audiences hated it but critics liked it so I don’t know what that means a force awakens I’ll see how that one see how that went audience giving a 97 I don’t even know what would make it so amazing but I can watch a King Kong real see 1933 King Kong is why I would like to say just before the movie is groundbreaking does not make it like the greatest movie of all time War for the Planet of the Apes that’s a good one I think that’s the first is that the first I can’t be the first one I mean views movies are really good though 4 going to be honest here War for the Planet of the Apes is definitely higher in the list such a ridiculous concept if you think about it but let’s see what the big time movie guys think about it we go to the app we will see that Shazam is not an IT the movie was bad 1982 that it was worse than that so I just look up plan it Apes the Planet of the Apes I think that was definitely not one that I saw see where that was a group of scientists. Caesar the war for the Planet of the Apes Caesar okay see the Russells and it gets owned well worth it by the end of the green movie these all on nothing that I can watch it on that’s perfect basement remodeling Milwaukee rise of glands these are all such great movies this part 2 all that is part one was not that great all right well here we go.