All right here we go to keep going home or I’m supposed to get the final payment from somebody I am not that comfortable doing that but hey I’ll give it my best shot this Sandy person that never called back so that’s not great but oh well basement remodeling Milwaukee.  with the work let’s see what kind of things that we have to do actually kind of read only read more about the Mitchells versus the machines like I want to see some pictures but there’s the trailer and see what the machines look like apply to be a movie that my girlfriend will like so I’ll be go they’ll be fun to watch I should text her with a I found new animated movie is really cute and good they’re good pictures my turtle which is going to be annoying I have to do something with him tonight I got to put them in some water

Corolla CE price  right poop there yeI pooped out yet okay well this is where we are now so there’s that all right let’s see what people have to say about the Mitchells versus the basement remodeling milwaukee machines we have critic reviews see let’s see what people think it’s funny 3 good animated movie see what the supervisor has to say what’s somebody’s favorite animated movies since 2018 size pretty impressive.  to see what original stories with pics are okay I guess this one is so lines person wrote a whole year about Mitchell’s First Dates greater than a good for Nate how do I State this plans for the funniest movies I’ve seen in years while the movie bhoomi nice, he was just which is totally Nails album with the tart and I really hate this wow I don’t understand this but speak out Donald Duck I’m going to get a Daffy Duck tattoo soon and it’s going to be ridiculous and funny but it’s my dad so be good what see I don’t know see all the artist reviews I want to see somebody that doesn’t like it if we will can’t help themselves like that’s doesn’t do anything for me buddy sorry with your to start of you when all we cared about that from the with this is the worst movie ever in the world somebody with no name says don’t understand the here we go hear something with a little bit more sense basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Somebody said they don’t understand the reviews for it which I guess I get but standard made-for-tv cartoon say it’s cheating cliche what is an animated PG movie all right the person didn’t like it it’s a decent I get insultingly bad wow short I really don’t like it that shoot 4 the physicist daughter toxic gray comedy bits here and there okay so with some people how many people really liked it but whatever not many people dislike that I meant to say was see you some of the big on a see what’s a tough critic I need any top critics give you a better View and they didn’t of all critics underline page has so far not seen any bad reviews for many of the big up there we go there’s one is a train wreck the worst films of the Year this guy says okay I guess nobody wants to wow can ready to quite impressive feat Freddie title wow that did not like the animation so like I really disliked it okay so he might be wrong if we keep going some people they just think it’s that they don’t like the comedy.

Style so I guess that’s the thing is like the cruise if you like the crew do they not know this person Ki vidhi clear Leon Focus okay well fantastic and funny moments so they sing in a bad review but they still seem to like certain parts of it so let’s see what the cruise he has a rating of Thai like The Croods I think the cruise is a very good and going to say I’m going to give it a The Croods definitely it’s an 80 I want to say 90 but Cruise gets like a let’s see I would give it like a basement remodeling Milwaukee let me see. How to give the rating on see I really liked it I don’t think it’s a 90 because there there are some moments that I can’t remember like certain movies I just see what I gave it on IMDb and I and I will base my ranking off of that because my IMDb scores which would have been I mean realistic to how I felt right away about the movie I gave it a good movie see what other movies that I would rank 90s and we’ll see where we go with their I with that like Monsters Inc like what did I drink Monsters Inc if I did it driving link Monsters Inc 9 celek Monsters Inc better than basement remodeling milwaukee The Croods see I think I liked it better than The Croods probably not probably Ryan like so with Monsters Inc is like a knock see Toy Story he all those movies those are like really high rated 90s I have to get Cruz like a 91 I

think maybe a 90 really struggle with that one point on with see what the I know they like to cruise I think it is a very good movie The Croods The New Age man they really don’t like The Croods see I really liked it I think you know what I’m going to give it to 91 out of 100 there is so much heart and soul packed this movie a great a great voice cast Carrie’s they say there’s so much heart and soul packed in this movie agree Boys cast carries this Regional Curtis original film with moments that will make you laugh I’ll make you laugh and remember the value of family  okay oh wow they’re sogirls this row. Make you laugh remember to the value of family have a great message I’m going to say they basement wow  but remodel Okay but no case now  can I just get basement remodeling Milwaukee there it is.