Okay here we go hopefully I can get this last one done before all these people start rolling up I mean I should be able to get it done but 10 minute so I also watched a clay stairs video that resonated free well with me I don’t have you seen all of those yeah I mean I was cuz I was when I was at the worker level because I’m sure that’s where I’m at right now the one that I liked was the fact to try cuz it’s all mentality stuff I like how you shut the word to the mentality try not to think of work as like the necessary evil but the way he was explained it was to think of it as a basement remodeling milwaukee good cuz everybody wants to get to their future right like the good the money do everything that they want but like you can’t do that without going to work and that’s the vehicle to get to your future like you have to spend time you have to spend time in the vehicle Make Sense Media how much is Ria firms my thoughts that type of way I guess I actually do like I didn’t feel like right right right next to you and if you just like think of is it was his job to make money so there’s really don’t mean anything that you wanted to buy some for your future wanted to provide like that’s an actual meeting so that’s what it is funny though cuz like I think I myself where I was at Menards.

And a lot of times when he say and all I can do by myself as like basement remodeling milwaukee¬† not as the employee was fine but I wasn’t like I’m breaking it as a thing for my future which he also does talk about like if something is not a good fit this is if you don’t align with certain things and I wasn’t good fit my production goes down typing things but just interesting to see science psychology and yeah see all about him okay how do I make it work Gray On the Border, but probably an interview person where to take a guess this about when they start rolling in Back to Basics Builders this is Ryan how may I help you are you where are you in the back parking lot right now the street there is a parking lot in the back that you would probably so I can prefer to park on if you go around like the building you know there’s the bagel shop and everything if you go around musical opening to a parking lot and then you’ll see the 8320 you know a black sign and then if you pull into the parking lot you walk in and then you’ll see our office then you’ll see me okay.

Was that Missouri one call as you pregnant barbecue looking we will see that they say that you going to become your set the alarm the vehicle thing is really awesome for me.¬† on my they know know nothing know nothing I said basement remodeling Milwaukee okay there we go, there is another thing that says if I go to the back taking notes on the see what you want to talk about it here we go if I look at see wet season season 4 yeah it’s been there for since I got here no so we look oh yeah something that I do want to do later as I have some client reviews that I screenshotted than crap has pictures I wanted to I wanted to post them on Facebook I’m addicted to see see what our clients are saying about us!

Something like that I don’t think the nice and simple that people can relate to because sometimes her views on Facebook when we have two and one is good one. Right now I have a giant water basement remodeling milwaukee giant water it is Smart Water died in accidents in it how much does a vapor distilled water.¬† there we go basic Builders this is Ryan, help you yeah there’s sent you the one that’s on BART so yeah nothing else 1 it should be a see if you look up pills 832 on it like a black almost like an of you looking thing okay thank you walked into the hair salon this was ex-girl so we will see if we we are 10 minutes in so how are you application resume a man sorry about that Do you have your resume with you as your name from there if you want to take a seat in the conference room align here did resume with basement remodeling milwaukee you it’s okay with me if you want H2 if you’re more comfortable wearing that you can wear it but we’re not sticklers about it everybody’s everybody’s different yeah I understand it is a group interview so if you want to the conference room I was thinking so Kyle’s not here to Lake City at the door I’ll probably going to just probably just sit out there till like 10:10 and then come and take notes think it’s fair to the most likely in the door and you Back to Basics Builders this is Ryan.

Okay All right so here we go we are almost done here basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m definitely just trying to keep I wonder what that was supposed by from Google I’m not too sure I’ll try I’ll give you asthma what is your name right I’ll see where else were at here I just want to get enough words here to be done with this one basement remodeling Milwaukee, if we just keep going here and there’s not much going on I do have I do have to expose us together because why not but there’s a bunch of those kind of things do we have to be to resume so there is bad and that’s exciting.