Testing testing testing perfect. So I’m going to try at least one more of these today basement remodeling Milwaukee. Just soundtrack hi I want to punch this morning but I’ll call you when we’re done since I found tractor time left. I thought love I thought that what I was going to do that I wasn’t taking longer than that I’m not taking as long as if I won. The few people that I haven’t got ahold of today I’ll make sure to get a hold of tomorrow. But the roads are going to hold a majority of subcontractors to get their insurance documents as well as your 1099. That’s what I got. That’s taken care of basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Since I supposed to have it on file. But yeah so I’m just going to try and look for this article I title the on finding forms of inspiration. I think it’s really important to kind of like five like inspirational images in pieces to base your room off of. Perico I find that to be a source of inspiration is Pinterest. I think that they just draw in a lot of for the good examples of different rooms and different layouts and you can even find a blueprint layouts on Pinterest depending on what you were trying to design. Add a photo to go to design a full house off of Pinterest. Most of the interior of the decorating I definitely would but exterior wise I definitely probably wouldn’t just because I feel like that might not be the best but mean teacher on. I do find that pictures look a lot of really good I like some DIY ideas as well. Like really I found a video of somebody making their own fall wreath. Looks like they’re using kind of like a burlap and I don’t even know like Fabric and there’s kind of like wrapping it around this link metal frame under using the tie to attach it kind of sounds like a big flower don’t know if I love the look of the flowers I’m going to suck on Champa another picture, pictures of this bathroom. It’s a very modern Farmhouse bathroom I would say. Maybe not I don’t want to know how I would describe it actually. But it has like whitehall’s a white floor white vanity white counters and I’m going to take a weight product to a potted plant with but like pictures it’s just very white basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I feel like it just looks like it would probably get dirty really easily so I don’t know if I would have loved to have but that’s why it’s not mine I guess. My Pinterest is really has a lot of really good ideas. I don’t like a lot of time to do a lot of good blue color scheme ideas. I feel like that’s where the hardest things to start eating like what colors to do a room what colors work together well what colors complement each other. Sometimes people want what I think about it a little random things in a 4 minute all end up kind of contradicting itself. I think you really have to look at that and see if it works out. Let’s see here and if I do another room. I guess this isn’t a room but it’s a really cool refurbished Furniture piece. Sorry I totally don’t words I was really going to put your bored of it article this applies to headphones don’t exactly pick up what you’re trying to say. A lot of times the words aren’t what you meant to say but you don’t exactly want them in your article so if you catch him you should really probably come but yes I like this piece account they took with this old brown just put in Dresser and they painted it like this deep dark olive color and they added goals fixtures whereas prior the pictures were all black basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So they look when I saw the ad at the different pictures and change of the color. They don’t change up at all like the overall design of the dresser. Like sometimes people like him to take off the decorative pieces on which I think is a shame because of all the time that’s how I can made and you don’t find that stuff as much anymore these days. Kind of like a lost art I guess you could say. Bruno that you really like about 10 dresses all of the lake food recipes and stuff select this is super speed like I never do this you’re supposed to sprinkle baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to light clean your floors I guess. So I’m watching is a video of this lady doing it and literally her forward so dirty prior and now they look brand new It does look like a lot of work and it looks like a long process but I mean it definitely looks worth it considering look how clean they got. They were so dirty prior to her cleaning them self yeah basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I was listening really cool room. I really like they did this one thing with like the picture frame so I thought of doing my own apartment. They use like almost like a picture of real and they just have a different bunch of different size frames and color frames and pictures up there. Probably color cut all the pictures like a neutral black and white kind of toned color scheme scheme. And then the room is just like really neutral colors I really like the wait until color is like exit each other well. Align neutral colors it never go out of style so I mean it’s not like you enough to like replace it really fast. They also look like I said I really recommend going on Pinterest if you’re looking for just like little pieces of inspiration trying to get a good start to project basement remodeling Milwaukee.