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Hello again! Is everyone having a great start to their Wednesday. I know we are here at basement remodeling milwaukee It has been a great start to a great day. We have a lot of exciting things happening here today and the rest of the week we have a few meetings today that will be decided a lot for us about what will be happening in our future as well as make this great company grow. But I do sincerely hope everyone does have a great Wednesday, I bring this up because did anyone walk out of there house and think again this is the start of Fall the brisk of cold air we are hitting that time of year now where everything is getting colder and colder as the days go on it seems, and how does one stop being cold? Well it the obvious answer is heat well with the morning becoming so cold the nights are getting colder as well so that means cuddling up to a blanket or longer clothing sweatshirts but also fireplaces which brings us to that topic. So, we are going to be discussing fireplaces today. Some topics that will be touch on are the different types of fireplaces, electronic versus the real thing fire pits and more so stay tuned in. So first lets dive on in to the electronic versus real. Everyone know that electronic are nice when house do not have a chimney for a fire place to go in because they are expensive to put in however what does an electronic fireplace bring to the table well it brings the artificial fire so it is not a real fire that can start the house on fire if some thing goes wrong not saying electronics can start fire we are dealing with heat and high temperatures but the cause of it would be due to the whole electronic fire places malfunctioning. They also bring a real fireplace feel to the room where it can any room whether it is your bedroom, living room or even basement as long as it fits in that said room. Now Real fireplaces on the other add the authenticity to the experience of sitting in front of the fire and adds to memories that said person would be making with their family and friends. As well as that a real fireplace gives a off real heat of a fire where an electronic version gives off a heat due to it be a part space heater. But the nice thing about the electronic fireplaces is that you can use them to rest your television on and as well as family pictures among many other little things that it adds to the room. Somethings that are really nice about them are the fact that they can come in many different shapes and forms different colors to add to the room. Now Fire places are very interesting due to the nature of them be part of your house you can make really nice designs to them. And basement remodeling has recently been asked to them for a client of ours and we first have to look to see if it can even be touched due to the build of house that it is in. Here is an example of a design that could potentially be one you pick this will be more on the extravagant side of spectrum. You first have two blocks that go up eight feet and they are separated by another six feet on the two blocks the design is of a bunch of bricks and stones put together and then you have the block that goes over the two kind of like an looks like a table that is two dimensional then in the middle you have exhaust vent for the smoke that the fire creates leading up ward which is also made out of the brick and stones like the over to blocks columns. Then in the middle of the blocks is where you will start the fire from inside as well as the back wall consist of a glass window to see outside. Now the framing that leads in to the inside of the fire place is a nice oak color to math the rest of the house. This is only one example we at basement remodeling milwaukee love all design and are created because it adds to our ideas or and designs that we could not have though off which then add to the ideas we can give our clients. Because basement remodeling milwaukee cares to help with all aspects and give ideas to our clients because they sometimes have no idea where to start with designs all they know is that they need this place remodeled so we help them through the process. Now Some other things real fireplaces give over the electronic versions is designs but it gives a lot more than that the designs add to the house to the home that family will create memories for the time that they are all together in the house which is the biggest thing about remodeling we basement remodeling milwaukee want to create a home that will create memories for that family for years to come because that is what really is important to us and we pride ourselves in doing the best job we can to create that for families not just because we like remodeling which is part of it do not get me wrong but we want the families to enjoy their homes. And Fireplaces do just that they create memories on family events like thanksgiving that is coming up as well as Christmas that is not too far away as well. So with the fall coming in faster each giving day and winter is closer with every day that is going by take a look at your Fireplace if you have one and think what memories can we create here with it because basement remodeling milwaukee knows how to create lasting memories and want you to so the same.