E12 testing one two I love you and hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic evening I know it’s late because your basement remodeling working up work is always never done so it’s more to do and I am just looking and I was talking through some things right now Washington Star Wars. I’m watching the older one of the first movie that came out you know here basement remodeling Milwaukee we are huge Star Wars fans and yeah I was just thinking about some things are going on today is 1:30 in the morning and I just can’t fall asleep so I figured you don’t mess this too quick blog here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and can I go over some things with you guys.

You know here at it is the first day of spring Amanda didn’t feel like it did today you know spend time was definitely in the air today where it was pretty nice out it was cold at all it is a little warm by antimatter but it was definitely something that it was like to be outside for a while today I wish I was able to get up on time let me trouble getting up on time black couple days how to get up and workout and unfortunate somebody my problem. I’m trying to work on right now and figure out maybe it’s maybe I need more sleep I don’t know but you know turn the sensor were working on the basement remodeling Milwaukee Wis bettering ourselves and making sure that we are always functional and operating your best ability.

You know care. Basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s a lot that we care about and we can have our clients and we let them know about a lot of different aspects of the jobs are going on yeah that’s why I want to talk to you know today is the first day of spring it’s a brand new year and it is Springtime and we are happy and excited for everything that’s going on exit we coming in you know we’re very very excited that I keep mentioning it and we’re just happy for a client with a future clients that were about that have sexy we’re about to finish up a few big projects companies coming weeks and we can’t wait to see where it all leads us and see the end results of the final final project where we get the pictures in and they can want to find a website so they have the before and after pictures what you always look amazing.

Camp basement remodeling Milwaukee and we’re all kind of in the same boat right now we’re all looking for new homes as well you know I’m looking for apartments where I can go there and Leon and the owners are looking for their own new home or they can call their home Minnesota Brand New Year ends brand new feeling for a lot of people here at basement remodeling Milwaukee

But that’s because there is a new year and we want to start off the great new year they were having to even better start that we want to keep growing want to keep learning from our past and making sure that we are learning from that and growing as a human being here and making sure that we are continuing to learn every day you have to wait to hear hear basement remodeling Milwaukee we learn everyday you know our clients come to us and if you don’t know something we fight it out and you know what when your friend out the answer that’s when you learn that doesn’t happen often but you know they have a lot of questions and sometimes miscommunications like it it’s a simple task give them not knowing the terminology of what we know and so they say something all yeah we think it’s that but really it might be something clove testing okay my screen just went black for a second so I’m glad still working but you know he think it said I’m right now watching Star Wars again man I just got my Disney playlist back you know we had to cancel it for a little bit but you know I’m glad to have it back on my Xbox so I can watch all my Star Wars stuff as well as the new Mandalorian as well as go over some of the new of Marvel shows are just popping up on their you know here face removal Island Walk it as it were a huge huge fan of all these types of movies and shows in Marvel with big and Star Wars or Star Trek even though

I am I like the Star Trek newer versions at least pretty good but you don’t hear why can’t I wanted to stay on topic for a few more minutes I want to discuss the fact that we do give out free estimates you know here we make sure all of our clients are getting exactly what you want like I said I meant you were getting a few more clients is coming week without contracts coming in because we were helping them figure out exactly what they want that’s why they turn a little bit away since our last contract that was signed I’m no I’m glad now we’re having a couple more of this week which is always going to be a great time would you describe just making sure our clients get their what they want you know we go over the small details of everything and making sure that they have the bar that they want the basement that they want with a kitchen bathroom everything that’s it goes down to a smaller details whether they want Tyler to they want the lvp flooring to do on a tiled surround sound do you want to talk instead now these are things we ask your clients and making sure that we get everything taken care of and done for them and we don’t want them to worry about the project that’s our job.