He was on the phone with his defense. technically I’m self on that Danny asked if you wanted to go see the guys. Ramon is there today I don’t think right you went to I think I think Ramon and Warren light to maximum. do you like Qdoba or Chipotle more I like to know about cuz I want to pay extra for my walk. Drives me nuts have to pay extra at Chipotle for literally everything. but it’s like you do but you don’t have to pay extra for the clock. right right new state do during the fall if you go to Qdoba on Fridays and you wear green or gold you get free Queso yeah for the Packers that is okay I like my fair case was Bel Air I like talk to you though what’s your number one dark basement remodeling Milwaukee.

All I need to find a new Taco Place I want to go to Chuchos but I also don’t want to drive all the way to 2 toes but they’re in the same spot turn off of 6th Street go to they’re near the airport I guess only 18 minutes from your that’s not that bad Have you ever made a duct tape rose I can show you how I went through a little bit of a face oh yeah it was my mom had a garage sale once I spent a bunch of duct tape flowers and I sold them so what you got to do it super easy I want to run that to your mom that okay but we decide it was a draw cuz it’s not sweatpants what’s up stop really from dying Susie’s Hair does star come on yeah I got that’s the center of our flower and then we have to just keep on wrapping them around oh yep so what you do is go this all might be too small I know what you work so you like that and then so now you’re going to take it are you all right this one and I’ll wrap that the rest of the way around it and you know what I used to do stage I used to put them on Penn’s so I haven’t talked a pain it was pretty cool. are we can what do I do with the duct tape for Mom I used to get seats are you see it colored duct tape cuz I have like break basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Clear Lake remind me to dark tape flowers at work. redo make Ryan a duck T-Pain yeah yep girl you doing okay. Oh okay so now wrap it case so you’re all get one side that’s how you survive sometimes was it the campsite was nice though yeah oh yeah that’s a nice stop did you get to play with some pigs.Do you want you want to do it on this pain I just saw yeah I have a little bit of an obsession with office apply so I can bring in more pain stress me basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I have a tendency to collect items when I see them on sale only the big ones right. They don’t work on that one okay so then when you wrap it around that you’re putting up a little bit higher so that when you wrap it around then it all I get bigger this is fun yeah do you know the people of made like dresses out of duct tape. not at all here I got to show you paintball.News at 1 it didn’t work schedule to fall asleep did you get the hiccups a little bit laugh laugh laugh see there’s another one for your flower your all start folding then you can start putting on there is that sound good sound like a plan you know what Mason told me he told me the way to get rid of hiccups it by taking a spoonful of brown sugar stunt stunt sugar is none too yummy yummy it is kind of weird. right now I’m looking at some document forces units really interesting as he is really cool at all the different style designs you can make with him. And I think that they probably are very tedious and Tay songs like 1 bold matching umbrella see the matching umbrella that goes with it. Made out of the same light pink duct tape good job Sage you’re not to make a duct tape flower for everybody yeah and then if we can look up some other stuff we can make with duct tape that’s an entertaining? basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s always you put one right right on there sound good? looking for I myself was it when it had a big duct tape paste. I wouldn’t feel like I was telling stuff from like I made like lanyards I need wallets and I don’t know why but I did and I really enjoyed making everything and background cells I was in the garage. I was telling them once and there was a guy who came in here I was kind of funny cuz he made flowers out of metal basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I thought that was just super interesting that somebody will take for me to get so much color duct tape probably just cuz I the reason the stuff isn’t taking the greatest don’t know the second grade see. grade so you don’t that’s getting so big you don’t know but one more on like right here yeah and then you have to go show your mom your flower let’s make sure we don’t want to because this because we only have to but we’ll get some more tape or something then right and then we can get some cuz they make like patterned duct tape like there’s some that have like polka dots and striped. yeah but ours is a bunch I think like like Michaels has a lot. I think I’ll get to go to and I really need font on basement remodeling Milwaukee.