Seriously yeah that way sometimes copy definite Right now I look at the Facebook page see that the video I posted yesterday is how to 32 views I mean since I posted it in the in the Facebook it’s doing pretty well compared to other ones that we’ve used in post it so it’s always good to see its reach 302 people pretty good I want to try to push this post not so pretty happy with I called these things are going and type of the type of reaction to we are getting on the videos and things like that I mean I had people asking about it the normally wouldn’t ask love react this one Samantha link my buddy shared it which was kind of cool and they seem to do that if I didn’t have to sew my phone is going to die. Already so she probably plugged it in we just started other than that though how much going on if I look at pictures of the basement over here basement remodeling Milwaukee I will see that has like this whole Snap On Wood plank wall home I do like the idea of a support beam being heading I should look up Google images of looked up ways to hide a support beam in basements.

So it’ll be kind of cool just to see the different ways people can do it online on this silly do everything that we require here I’m sure basement remodeling milwaukee she’s cut basic but like just having the support beam looks kind of bad if I look at this one right here they made like giant pillars and kind of made it like a like a bar you know table top typing that’s pretty cool you having a good spot you can actively make a hidden make it look like it was always meant to be there it doesn’t really look that difficult to do is just depending on the type of work that you are doing see this guy used it and he did it using fireplace I don’t know exactly how I feel.

They look better than but I guess if your column is going to be white with white trim pieces then the white trim pieces basement remodeling milwaukee¬† on the column to make it look really nice and stand out 20 am I at right now I’m at 21 number 22. I need to get 4 done for the day I believe I’m at 21 so I’ll get 22 if I get four done today I’ll definitely be at the quota for the week 25 you know the actual quote has 24 on the Falcon this one that used to support beams to come to make an entertainment center by which looks pretty cool this one has the I mean there are some just giant ones like if I look at this one right here on the kind of Center to countertop and it so I’m look older than that though these structural beams they need to be hit and I believe to make it look good and a lot of people want to be cheap about it so it’s not going to look that great if we’re being honest what’s the row right when it comes to software updates I really feel like doing the update actually.

I’ll check my my mail first and all of the update anyways if we look at this kind of the letter M Used rebuilding the support beam in his painting and doing all that fun stuff so oprewards which is cool update right now agreed to it because why not give it up add a wonderful make me type in my password I also believe that they just keep telling me so here is this one this one’s got stolen all around it makes it look really elegant I’m going to do something great at the I’m through the make it look nice we also have see look at the if you look at the columns on this one they are doing pretty well if you know then they got the doorways in the closet in trees as well as the definition to do If I look up the bathroom remodeling ideas almost like basement remodeling Milwaukee only if you look at this a lot of people go free all out I mean this is some pretty cool Planks on the wall surrounding whole bathroom and I don’t know if they exactly match the ground unless they did it look on stupid so not just my opinion are the showers that link open concept with all things over this one for the toilet go to the pretty basic toilet seat just be based on what size of preference people want a bathroom has a giant bomb walk-in shower with a giant tub next to it on that table is really good yesterday freestanding tub can get up to $10,000 basement remodeling milwaukee.

Which is not something that I would want to pay even if I am free during the basement I’m looking at this really nice black style Black Vanity with a white vanity top.¬† can be pretty cool we also have you know this tile which is really nice but I was just so expensive I don’t know if I would even want to do that in my own bathroom double vanity separated by a shelf in the middle already know that if I the Shelf in the middle in my own bathroom my girlfriend wouldn’t allow me to use it because it will just be taking a by all of her stuff in that bathroom.¬† basement remodeling Milwaukee if we also talked about you know the flooring in the almost all of them have a pretty similar white floorboards are baseboards with the temperature in pieces would be kind of cool just use one for 16 foot as opposed to coming in trying to paint it I would think that most people just get 10 footer or 12 footer in for the day but can you 16 footer I guess you need to 16 footer.