Testing testing testing hello hello hello awesome I’m really happy that these are working still. Sometimes I feel like these might they they died on me every now and then. But I’ve gotten a lot better about making sure I plug in the before I leave for work so they charge it while I’m gone basement remodeling Milwaukee. And then when I come into the office and next day usually ready for me to just start talking and typing is eos up. So that’s always super nice I think.

Over the help stuff go a lot smoother and quicker. I’ve only got about two left today I believe and for some reason they’ve just been super easy for me to let go down today I feel like if all days. Which is typically not the case typically Fridays the hardest days for you to kind of get a quick though. Toggle this article we talked about like leave clear for modeling. All my baby would love to look up flick different like houses and the interior is LG up to your look of them I think it’s really nice. My family has a couple properties of me to wish Tomatoes chain and I’ve noticed a lot over the past couple years that people are buying the older homes and instead of keeping them there’s going to be tearing them down a building from the ground up like a brand new house. And a lot of the houses that these people are building light up being like multimillion-dollar house is just because the property is so expensive of the recycling products in general. My grandfather’s brother sold his house all the chain 3 4 years ago and it was a terrible husband so old and run-down they did so much work but he ended up selling it’s like $700,000 which he obviously did not pay for that fact when he bought it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Hid just scroll I think it’s in that house. The people live there now didn’t tear down all the different below to work on the inside of it. I’ll be there super nice and then they have a doodle named Frankie and Frankie we sit out on the pier link says hello. Fat thanks for calling back to basics Builders this is McKenzie how can I help you That’s a lot of people who are like redoing houses up there where they like the fact that they’re keeping like the wooden exterior constant. I feel like a lot of people who want to build the house sometimes up on the league I don’t really keep the whole Lacroix kind of lumber look. I think I’ve had a slight I so sad just because I feel like Center doesn’t go he’s so they kind of just match the surrounding environment. Call my brother like it when they add like the pops of bright red or like the green dark green shutters are like some kind of stone. I just think it looks super realistic and like it just Blends right in and like it was meant to be there. Like don’t get me wrong I really like the look of like a really modern left beach house like that looks really nice but I just feel like there’s other places for it like somebody built a house up on that change over my grandparents recently and it’s just absolutely massive. But it looks like it’s like somebody’s Suburban year-round home basement remodeling Milwaukee. And I just think that looks so out of place and eventually when they go to sleep obviously. I passed out but it’ll definitely be more geared to a select group of people cuz some people just want that rustic-looking kind of cabin feel it that you don’t get with like the Suburban looking house. And like yeah like my grandparents they have two cabins and they’re just so cute but so now we’re going to talk what kind of like the interior look at look at cabin. Obviously the biggest monster just having a fireplace. I feel like if you’re having a cabin in the woods it’s going to be cold and you’re going to want a fireplace basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And it’s really kind of nice and convenient my uncle actually own stone fireplace installation service like our company up in northern Wisconsin. Tell he put a new one in for my grandparents private 10 years ago or so play pole dancer my grandparents the original cabin that we have it used to just be I don’t know smaller was a bedroom a living room a little like couple cabinets in a stove in the bathroom. And there was a big garage but we just realized eventually that we don’t use the garage that much. So they can forget the garage into living space which really helped a lot of room on which I think was definitely need it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But when they did that kind of conversion remodeling kind of say my uncle put in a new column stove fireplace kind of thing. It helps you the whole thing because they don’t have heat up there they just use that to eat it. They do a air conditioning know because it does get pretty hot a time. And I’m sweetheart if I think I’m in for a place that’s it for sure must. And I think the other much is like what I’ve talked about before just having that that picture perfect view window. My grandparents are fortunate enough to have to caps and I’m 1 cabin is closer to the lake than the other. To the one closest to the lake has a gorgeous picture window Channel and make the with my grandparents and my family usually stays in has a picture window facing the woods behind it. And you just get to see so much may turn into such a nice inviting area and that he always loved visiting and I get to go in a couple of days basement remodeling Milwaukee.