Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | This Is Not Just a Drill

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Hello again! I hope everyone had a great weekend and was staying dry for the most part. I know my weekend consisted of being outside especially Saturday when all the rain came down! It was really cold and the kids were not having a great time. But other than that I got to see some family that came back from college. Overall it was a good weekend! I also hope everyone is having a great Monday it’s the start of a brand new week and things are only looking up for us here at . I wanted to take this time and discuss a few things here at basement remodeling Milwaukee I am sure you have heard it before but we give out free estimates and can turn them around in a couple of days. Well lets first dive in on how estimate goes. It all starts with a phone call whether you call us or request a free estimate we give you a call and discuss the options. So after the initial phone call we will ask you what your project is about. We go over just small things to make sure you have multiple lines of communication and confirmations so no one misses your appointment. We take great pride in being there for all of our clients and future clients by making sure we communicate with you. So then we go into the day before where you get a confirmation text making sure that you will be there and you remember the appointment you also receive an email after the initial phone call with basement remodeling Milwaukee for your free estimate. So next comes the appointment we will pull up to your drive way wearing mask because of everything going on in the world today like corona virus we want everyone feeling relaxed and okay with us being there. We don’t want any getting sick because of us because we do go see a lot people for estimates we want to be as careful as we can be. So then comes the actual appointment we introduce ourselves and we go from there. So then we get into the actual room that needs the remodel. Now, other remodelers might do some things different but we like get to know you as a family that way we can best give you the most family feel environment when you become our client you become part of the basement remodeling Milwaukee family. So what takes place over the next half hour is a lot of talking based on what your project is or not. So lets say we are going into the basement and you have a two thousand square feet basement. In this basement you want a bathroom with a full shower that is walk in with an over head waterfall shower then you want a theater that your family can sit and watch movies or games on Sundays, with a full bar for your snacks and beverages. Then you want a bedroom down there for when family comes to visit. Then you want black ceiling every where so you tell us this we look at every inch of your basement to make sure it is feasible and we can do it. The reason for it is if the pipes are in the wrong spot or need updating it can very hard to update everything regarding plumbing. Then you have to take in account the electrical and once again depending on how your electrical box is if there is enough spots for the remodel or will you need an add on to the box you see a lot goes into an estimate, we haven’t even touch the surface of the more detailed of the remodel. You see at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do not care how complicated the remodel is we want to execute your vision of what your house should look like. That is what we do, during the estimate we take measurements to have accurate drawings and plans for when we give it the building inspectors for approval. We look at the heating and ventilation air conditioner that is in the ceiling the wires as well as all the pipes that are required for plumbing and what not. Then we have to look at floor and you what done with the floor we give you a few options just to give you an idea, those options are vinyl, epoxy or carpet there are many things you can do with the floor and the floor doesn’t all have to be the same there can be different types in different sections. So, after that we discuss further options to creating another date to come back with a proposal to further discuss what will go into the whole remodel meaning what it will cost to go through with the project and this process we sit down with explaining everything meaning we go over the cost of the project of all the materials to the sub contactors as well as building inspectors and then go into to payment options So you see basement remodeling Milwaukee takes every client and treats them like their own family and explains every step of the way this goes with everything that we pride ourselves with treating everyone like there are the family we have at home. So when you are home one day surfing the web for a remodeling company to do your project whether it is a basement job, a kitchen, or a bathroom to just adding rooms to your basement we do it all and can handle any job give to us basement remodeling Milwaukee because all we want to do is give you the best experience possible and want to be honest with you up front so there are no surprises now and there are no surprises when new start working with you. So call basement remodeling Milwaukee for your free estimate and schedule an appointment with us to we can be there for your family.