Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Under Them Feet!

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Hello peeps good afternoon I love when I am blinded by the sun you know what that means that means the snow is melting off the roof tops and birds are chirping and you can see people outside and you can hear the sound of life and see the trees blooming with buds and flowers popping up from the mud they are so strong to go throw frozen ground and then mud I love how life is so unstoppable at times today we can talk about giving our basement some life I have noticed flooring to be of topic lately and built in shelving I am not one for permanent anything and I have seen water damage to its fullest so flooring is definitely not my topic however it exist at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee there are many different options for flooring let me tell you I have seen fake wood real wood floors and I have seen laminate flooring and I have seen slate and I have seen some great use of painted cement epoxy and I have seen throw rugs all around at back to basic builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we love color we love that there is more to the primary colors than the few offered but there are shades and tones added texture added and prints solids etc when I look at carpet I see how many try to accent it through the décor with accessories trying to pull the room together and sometimes it can be overkill however at back to basics builders some individuals love it and are willing to bring that color through their homes in different tones and shades at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will do our best to help you make your dream space reality I love what we do and we do it well at we are not color experts but deciding between reds and blues isn’t brain science although it can be difficult I hate when there are more options than choices to be made I want to make great choices but sometimes the opportunity is endless and color is difficult especially with flooring let me tell you a while back my grandpa was given a few gallons of paint it was almost neon blue and prob could pop with a black light well it was a spring day the sun was shining it was a good 60-70 degrees and my papa decided to paint the garage floor when my mother and I got home from errands holy floor mind you the house was already sold to her at the time and I am almost positive she didn’t want a blue garage floor what really topped it off was when I found my rollerblades in the garage hanging up and I asked him who used my rollerblades and he explained at 60 years old he was trying out the new thing and had to take them off I cant I tried to imagine and giggled a lot the story line of it all was that a clean blue floor brought new opportunity and it ended with laughter yes we still laugh at the floor at the time my mom hid for a few minutes but later realized it didn’t hurt a thing and only the neighborhood would see and understand when you are remodeling your home with back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to be happy and create new memories that bring great joy we are the support behind laughter and joy and living life and loving one another family is so important and no matter what you choose we will bring that to your home through our remodel when you create a new space with new walls and new flooring you create new stories to share I love that I have a blue garage floor and I love what it reminds me of almost daily I hate that when it snows and my shoes are we that I almost break my eyebrows but its worth the joy it brought us I don’t think we will ever change the flooring but will add to it in the future we are those people what is your style of great flooring I am slowly learning to love epoxy and glitter pain I know that my family would kill me if I painted a whole bathroom with glitter but I would love it so much hey maybe I will try it who knows would my husband really know that the paint on the wall has changed from white to blue or lavender I think not well these are decisions that back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee loves to help you decide we are great at what we do because we love what we do and I cannot stand behind any other company like I do my own when I was looking for a change in career I looked for anything that says office and well it brought me here to back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and I love it I love looking at floors all day I love looking at the fun colors and patterns of rugs and I love watching how families grow and develop through their stories of remodeling I cannot tell you how many families are so happy the remodels are over and I cannot tell you how many appreciate the customer service we provide we provide great service to our customers we appreciate their business and thank them for choosing us we build relationships and we leave our doors open for communication so nothing is left out or misunderstood our team is well aware of changes that may be made and they too communicate with one another this is the place to hire at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will start with your free estimate today we will then mark your proposal at a rate 15% less than any other in the town