Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | What Are Big Red Flags?

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Good morning today is a great day Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee today the sun is out at shining it’s nice and toasty outside so we don’t have to wear multiple layers of clothing we’re really excited that we get to move forward in our remodeling projects this week we have a few sign proposals and we are moving forward with a new basement remodeling project that is really exciting a back-to-basics Builders I am still currently working on my kitchen which is super frustrating but that’s okay we can always move forward with it on weekends this weekend we will be emptying out the basement storage and we will be moving forward with some kitchen storage options I know that we are looking forward to have a rummage and we will be selling some items in that room image and that is a great way to work on your demoing at Back to Basics Builders I know that sometimes I feel as though I’m losing memories when I throw things out but in all reality we have those tangible items and pictures and we have them in our minds to continue at Back to Basics Builders we love what we do and we look forward to this Memorial Day weekend if you are interested this weekend definitely take the time and think about her and take the time to thank those who are serving our country right now at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I actually overheard that there won’t be any Flags displayed at memorials for those who are serving and I find that very upsetting in our country that someone would make that decision and you can social distance in place like sun memorials I can be done very safely at Back to Basics Builders we know this because we practice modified guidelines for covid-19 Central since the day businesses have closed at Back to Basics Builders I want you to know that you are well cared for and supported throughout any life events are crisis that may occur the moving forward with this weekend what are your Memorial Day plans are you celebrating with family do you plan on having a cookout At least I believe we will be cooking out this weekend at the kids have a playground next door and they’re going to go run around and play while all the adults sent and got storage areas and update the house so the windows will be open the floors will be clean dishes will be done dusting will be done and I will be starting our basement storage this weekend so that’s going to be terrible it’s going to be frustrating but I know that we can make this project fun at Back to Basics Builders we encouraged Emily we encourage you to go through all of your items prior to deciding your remodeling project make sure that you have the space and that you got what you need to get out at back to basement remodeling Milwaukee we encourage families to find ways of storage I know that I’ve mentioned multiple times that we do use quality kitchen cabinets and as I’m looking here I see so many different storage options and yesterday I was pondering through the at home store and oh my goodness I could not believe how many different storage options there were available to me it was great to see so many different options I ordered a silverware drawer organizer for my fancy stuff and I kid you not at Back to Basics build a space center modeling Milwaukee as I was walking through the at home store they had an entire aisle devoted to drawer organization it was a bit overwhelming I’ve heard that The Container Store also has so many options for drawer organization I am however not on that level but I know many people are at bachelorette spoilers basement remodeling Milwaukee I’ve always mentioned we’re a family-owned business and we have kids and it makes for a good weekend I’m to clean out a storage because we do have the extra arms we have the extra legs but at the same time we have to remember that we need storage to keep their little lives organized and I am huge on the organization of toys that are categorized are colored in boxes their labels and they’re used for playtime it makes for a great and easy clean up everything goes where it’s supposed to go and it’s just easy for us at Back to Basics Builders we want you to sign up for your free estimate today and discuss storage options throughout your remodeling project give us a call at 414-460-0075 you can reach us at www. Back to Basics or you can also fill out the contact page the best of your knowledge and ability and we can call you and schedule your free estimates please do not forget we provide 100% free consultation throughout your remodeling project we also provide a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business and we look forward to hearing from you and starting your remodeling project today at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee i am so excited to walk through stores are you maybe the sun is pouring excitement into my blood today because i am just ready to roll out of the office and start sweeping into new projects i want to finish my cabinets and start painting the wall and hanging up my pictures ah what a great feeling for this weekend not to mention my baby girls room is yet to be finished with her decor i wish i had so much more time to just start moving things along at a faster pace it bothers me that i am a week behind in my house and i need to catch up with all the new stuff going on in the house its so frustrating i want to move and clean and organize and make my home so much better for my family but its taking forever why cant i just get up and move now i want to go go go can somebody help a sista out here