Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Fighting Bad Leaks?

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Good morning thank you for tuning in one last time today I love that everybody X in at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I love that everybody looks forward to these conversations I get super excited to talk about different modernizing Have different rooms including bedrooms I love to update little things like that core positioning of furniture I love to move things around where my daughter has more access to certain toys especially her babies and her sassy animals those are her favorite things we’ve recently purchased a vanity at Back to Basics Builders for my daughter’s room and I kid you not every morning she sits in her sanity and does her hair she paints her nails and put your lipstick on of course I’ll Let’s Pretend however I don’t know how she developed this routine and it makes me giggle to myself once in awhile when I see her at her vanity and she is a very tomboy at heart she’s definitely grew up with two boys and continues to grab she’s only 2 and I promise you we have Jasmine belly of Dorothy we have her gymnastics leotards and her holiday dresses and her fur coats and she gets really excited about this she loves to celebrate she loves to dance whenever you mention the word party she will create a space to dance at Back to Basics Builders we loves to dance we love to party we love to celebrate newness and excitement and this season I promise you has been a great time for Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are really excited to move forward with some remodeling projects and right now we are adding Decor to a bedroom Kira and all I had to do when I was adding a twin bed Versus a crib toddler bed was I had to move a little bit of furniture around but when I did that my Baltic Court didn’t set right with the furniture and most of it was hidden so moving forward and I had to make dramatic changes with the wall decor and add a little bit of shenanigans here and there at Back to Basics Builders I’m really excited to go ahead and set up some new Decor in my baby girl’s room and makes me really excited but let’s talk Furniture are there really rules about furniture being so many inches apart or what is safe what is not I don’t know specifics of moving furniture around I know that if it fits and it looks nice it works and recently I went to a spectrum store and we were looking around and oh my goodness I fell in love with this really sparkly bedroom set and it looked like a big disco ball and no it wasn’t practical nor was it something I should get for my bedroom when it Back to Basics Builders it’s nice to see the newness of different pieces of furniture so that when we go into homes and we start remodeling projects we have this advice we have this knowledge were staying on top of things are moving forward with different ideas and different Shenanigans I love the word Shenanigans at Back to Basics Builders we always want to be modern thinking with a traditional touch and feel of comfort I know that sometimes I go to people’s houses and I sit on a piece of furniture and I’m like where is the big floppy pillow that has been fitted for my rear end I bought a piece of furniture from a restore recently and it has a little modernist to it not too much but it’s navy blue it was outside of the box definitely for me and that piece of furniture was $60 and included both loveseat and couch you know how exciting that is for a family that is new has a baby on the way and has other things to consider Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and we understand their people like to have modern looks but we also understand budgets and when we create new rooms in new spaces we want you to be aware of your options prior to building we want you to know that yes we can build you a basement but you can also choose your material and your Hardware have Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we get excited for the small things in life we are running deals non-stop all the time we always start with our free estimate we really in with that and then we promised he was 15% lower rate than any other company in the business and we also provide you with free consultations about some remodeling process at Back to Basics Builders we love what we do we have a supportive team we have the team of difference and we celebrate it tomorrow our company at Back to Basics Builders we are a team that comes together we are a team that celebrates together we are a team that works well together we are a team that is Unified a back-to-basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know that no matter what your opinions matter your choices matter and your style matters your lifestyle Matt your family mattered we bring all of these different factors into our proposal and me and let you know what can and cannot be done too continue with your remodeling project we have had multiple families reconcile after their proposals multiple times to get a right plan fit for sometimes you have bigger trains and you got to take a few steps back and that’s okay with us we want you to be comfortable and it decisions that you make moving forward it is our job to guarantee quality to provide you with integrity and respect and Trust we are a team that will work together to make sure you are remodeling project at home to your house your remodeling project is guaranteed to bring forth new memories it is guaranteed to grow with you and your family and your remodeling project is going to bring great memories throughout the entire process I encourage you to unify with your family to take pictures throughout the days when you come home and you feel so stressed out that things are out of order get them back in order to take time communicate with one another this is a time for girls this is a time to reach out and get your free estimate scheduled with us