Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Is It Too Damp Down There?

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Hello good afternoon today is a great day at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m super excited today I’m going to talk a little bit about gaming space I know it’s not on the top list of remodeling projects but we get a lot of remodeling theaters Everybody wants a theater that they can and that they can watch movies and and they can socialize and they can create memories on and a lot of these theaters are built with side bars and some of these theaters are just built with big huge projector screens others are just considered lame I’ve seen some of the greatest theaters builds I’ve seen some of the worst but what I have seen is some great gaming spaces I know a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee the parenting us doesn’t want to promote gaming and screen time let me rephrase that we don’t want to promote screen time at such a young age however Society has this new coin terms such as gaming and gaming has taken over some generations and impacted them to the point where that’s all they can do but here at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we aren’t parents when we are remodelers so I have seen amazing video game ideas and I have seen the worst There are many different ways we can remodel a gaming room I know that gaming includes a screen and it may include keyboard and it may include Emmaus it may include a few things but there’s themes to gaming rooms nowadays and when I look at these themes I just can’t believe my brain there’s a lot there’s a lot of different games and those games can be a thing and a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee this is why we provide you a free consultation because kids grow parents grow and when we grow we change and then we change our environment changes that is why I have pictures on my daughter’s ball that I love and that she can grow into and then I have batting that she can choose from now we have Poppy and I’m assuming moana’s coming or frozen will be next and then my little guy he’s chosen nothing but a bunch of sand Spider-Man so we kind of just put it all together but a back-to-basics Builders we want you to be comfortable with the theme of your space gaming space can be very classy and it can be very simple it can be made with different design ideas I’ve seen Minecraft rooms that have been created out of Legos 1/2 or 1/4 of their wall has been legit nothing but Legos and then another side of the wall is just painted as a Minecraft there is so many different ideas that your mind can ponder when it comes to gaming I’ve seen screens take up walls from top to bottom I’ve seen hanging screens I’ve seen some beautiful spaces only a gamer’s dream definitely not mine there is spaces that looks similar to that of a sports bar where you see multiple screen people getting together a lot of it is of course all ran on Wi-Fi wireless all that kind of stuff so electricity and technology is really important during this remodel a fountain Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we won’t need to know what you are in for when it comes to a gaming room again there are just so many different ideas when it comes to technology and video games and passing garages that have been turned into arcade games and just all these different arcade games and then theater space and you know going into that virtual world is just beyond what I can imagine I’ve seen people that game NFL style and they have turned certain basements into a locker room and each bothers jerseys and helmets and then the locker room has theater seats with in it and it all faces into the screens and it looks just like that of a football field there so many crazy ideas that in then you can come up with I’ve seen people that came up with the greatest ideas of singer Mario Kart room and doing different levels into their gaming space that’s also an idea installing Mario’s world into a corner of a basement and having a platform where it’s nothing but computers and screens there’s also the idea of creating a movie theater that of an old antique movie theater everything is different everything is change everything is based off of your knowledge it’s based off of your creativity it’s based off of whatever you would enjoy doing in that space and I always tell customers when they start telling me about their remodeling project once you really want in your basement do you really want just floor and ceiling do you need to see floor and ceiling before you can imagine something bigger or do you want to turn it into a gaming room do you want to personalize that on your own do you want us to come in and do that with you and just go the extra mile and price there’s so many different things that you can consider when wanting to play video games at interesting when people can create 3D Merrell’s and make it fancy and go beyond the limits you know some people say this is my friend this is my living room this is my great room this is my bedroom turn one of those into something that you love I know that I’ve been working my kitchen and I love animals and I love nature and I love the outdoors so I’ve been trying to bring that into my house and a back-to-basics Builders we encourage you to bring in what you love into the space you live in and creating your house you’re making a home for your family creating Lifestyle Changes you’re creating new beginnings and great memories and you’re just adding until life Back to Basics Builders provides 100% free consultation and free estimates we also provide families with a 15% lower rate than any other company out there I number is 414-460-0075 you can call us at any time you are also welcome to fill out the contact page at www. Back to Basics check us out on our website read customers testimonials read their reviews and listen to the videos and let us know what your thoughts are at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we’re here to make our customers happy with quality workmanship.