Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Underground Refuge for Manly Alone Time

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Hello lets good afternoon lets talk builders talk have you ever been concerned about a room in the house that doesn’t get a lot of attention do you have a room that is old and outdated or a room that is unbearable or a room that just looks different than the rest well I have those rooms I have rooms that are neglected then I have the rooms that are partway complete with furniture paint and partial to décor and accents then I have the room that is completely outdated and then I have the room that is falling apart and need fixing then I have the other rooms that are furnished painted and still need window treatments I know that in the past I have talked about how I would remodel or design every room on just a dime I get so excited I become overwhelmed and do nothing at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we do not want you to be overwhelmed lets talk about that neglected room what does it look like what does it smell like what can you hear in that room well lets see I can hear the furnace I can hear water running through the pipes I can hear the laundry turning I can hear crickets when they are loosed in the house I can also smell mildew and see mold and spiderwebs so pretty much I see a dungeon while others will call it an unfinished basement remodeling Milwaukee what does your unfinished basement look like what does it remind you of what do you want it to look like what do you see in the basement I remember growing up our basement was the biggest flash back ever it was a center for entertainment it was the center of our family at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to bring back the memories we want you to experience life and feel motivated again in the same space that was there when you were younger we want to change it to better support the current needs of your family the most common remodels share a multipurpose room and that can include for play for entertainment for birthdays and for quiet studies I have also seen basements remodeled into she sheds and man caves what do you plan your basement to be at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will help you decide those things we will help you decide what you are really feeling dreaming and envisioning for your basement I know my basement needs to be fixed from the outside there needs to be a water barrier then there needs to be a scrubbing then there needs to be some minor remodeling maybe some paint and a new stair way im not too sure we definitely don’t need a finished basement but I do need a safe basement then maybe we can consider a step two of finishing the basement and then a third step creating spaces for fun family events what I never understood is why basements are so cold is it because they are in the ground is it because they are surrounded by dirt is it because they are beneath everything I always learned that heat will rise but why not from the basement its freezing in basements I told my mom one day if I had heat I would remodel the basement myself but that is not the case.

Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Come Down To The Lower Levels

The basement is freezing cold I know at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee they would add heat to the place what is that called insulation too maybe the bugs would get too comfortable with it though then what do we do I hate bugs I hate unknown bugs when you look at a bug and have no clue what it is then google says you will die in 30 seconds when you come into a contact with a similar but and your like no this cannot be then shortly after google says you are dying you see a centipede out of the corner of your eye coming out from underneath a pile of junk its all caca and I hate it I barely go in the basement to get my laundry done I run from the shoot to the washer and dryer its just a dungeon and we get out of there as fast as we get down there I remember when it was shag and panel and we used to work out to Richard Simmons in the basement and we would move the coffee tables out of the way and we had a half wall where we had a table with chairs it was so fun then it became a bedroom for teenagers then the walls bellowed out and then I realized there was caca on the basement walls and then the floor we raised everything up on shelves my old desk was wet an warped and was nasty so all I have are memoires now at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will bring back the old and make it new we will remind you of the fun you once had and how memorable it will be to have new memories with future generations it cannot get any better than that we will start with a free estimate then you can reveal all of the nastiness in the basement and then we can start tearing stuff down and then we can fix everything that is broken the other day I cannot tell you how bad I wanted a bath sink they are a new thing in laundry rooms mudrooms and basements we it’s a tiny shower usually close to the ground or floor and it has a fun faucet from the wall that comes out and you can spray your pets down maybe in the future I can add one of those to my home but for now I have a happy three bedroom duplex and it suits me well me and my babies are what matter and we function well together in that home we make it work and our home serves function I love it so much I cannot wait to grow with it more and more as we get older.