Oh my God kind of losing things to talk about. This article are title. Getting things done. Oh my feelings wanted something that we column people like taking renovation themselves and try to do it themselves and runs after you finish up basement remodeling Milwaukee. For example like I babysat for a family whose dad worked in construction. But he worked in like large construction I guess. It’s a he was building a lot of the big building downtown Madison. And they bought a fixer-upper house it was a huge piece of land in divorce and the house was but the house was super old now dated so it needed a lot of work. But they were totally So tonight I might go downtown. For sure yet basement remodeling Milwaukee.

My friends are all going downtown I would like to not go down downtown. I’m all for like going to watch the game or something somewhere but I don’t necessarily need to be in the heart of it all. It’s just too many people for my liking and I don’t really see how I don’t really understand it be enjoyable this stand for like hours upon hours not even being able to watch the actual screen itself. So we’ll see I’m not really sure I can get out of it and my mom is in town tonight she was going to bring dinner but obviously if we have to go downtown cuz I won’t have time to get dinner with her but show me here on Thursday believe and if she’s not here Thursday I was here next week. We are going up to Minocqua for the fireman’s picnic next weekend the plan right now is to leave next Thursday at night or well after the work so we were on 435 drive to Dad’s to get Maya pop I have already talked to Tim I will be meeting us there from Minneapolis and my dad is not go away and then from DeForest Mason I will drive Marvin and Maggie up to Minocqua meet my mom there.

So probably won’t get there till like 9 or 10 at night so it’ll be kind of late night but we worth it to have like two full days just kind of relax and hang out I think that’s like what I’m most excited for. Just cuz I haven’t been up there at all this summer and I’ll be nice to see some family. And then and then we’re just going to hang out and have a good time go bold and tollway go down to the picnic on Friday and Saturday. I also know I’m just going to kind of look at some inspiration photos on Instagram and talk about them. So the first design picture of Optima my Instagram was on the Discover paste by home on Harbor. Our captain is definitely coming Saturday morning and their photo that they used was a picture of a kitchen. I wish you were home on Harbor is it looks like it’s design company of some sort of primarily maybe interior design I would say. On what you like click into their profiles if I allow different kitchen and living spaces but also kind of looks like maybe it’s a lot of pictures of my 15 finishes so I think I actually might just be somebody’s house that they’ve been like slowly Remodeling and fixing up. So we’re going to find it a picture to talk about now basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So now I found a new picture and pretty much the great room. I would say it looks like you can see go to the create a good space with a vaulted ceiling. On the ceiling is Portuguese beans and then I like clear would. They look with a pool with a pretty sick looking beans. I really try your head up words but I think would cause your eye out for your mores the fireplace in the back of the purpose was of all the way from the 4 all the way up top with a very very very tall font please by all table almost twenty feet tall. That’s pretty big for a fireplace I would say. And then he thinks it’s really cool different pictures of the picked out. You can tell they’re different pictures in the kitchen as well as the living space but the style of the pictures are also will make similar basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Leave tell if it’s Matt Black stylist open light bulb look. I think it was a really good design choice to like keep a constant look between the light fixtures and although I haven’t looked different. So when the kitchen is more of a square boxy looking like picture is the one of the members more of a circular Grand one basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I can do is really cool how they were able to like making love life it’s different the same time. And I really like how they feel different on like the parcels and I could drive there with a coil I completed red velvet black I think it looks really nice. None of his side over you can see if she can see the whole kitchen. And I really like the kitchen actually. Because it’s got the wall Has Marvel and has the waterfall Edge I think it looks really nice. Until I actually feel back until the 1st cuz you’re in the kitchen was probably their dope Island her sister dining room basement remodeling Milwaukee. 4 the kitchen and they have like a light-colored wood cabinet and they also live in Black Range Rover the stove and then either black or navy paint underneath the island hugs and column so I can all I have to say it’s all different kitchen spacing for cyborg at it’s another different catching every Cyborg and it’s another one but there is a second full kitchen is like dark green cabinets that looks really cool paper to light brown cabinet as well .