We can get one more of these done see where I’m at here is it is 3:22 I’m getting kind of hungry. I did not eat my check in I might as well warn that up now be dead first or go home are 40 minutes left but oh well I am going into the fridge now I open it I want to see what I got there’s some watermelon that looks really good I can finally chicken. Food smells.  here we go based Milwaukee. No Know it all that I’ll try OK Google drive home go basement remodeling Milwaukee. Okay there it is play Color is this see what I all Center your house .

I’m going to do I think I bought a little Lego set I bought some puzzles tonight I’m going to go to the store and hopefully by the rest of the things I know chocolate Kit Kat I can get some Pringles I know Sarah said to get. other than  I know there’s not really much else to say I think it stopped raining it really been storming that hard keep looking I said I really like to see what’s going on on Rotten Tomatoes it’s one of my favorite sites to go on just because see also the site also gives me basement remodeling milwaukee good ideas of what to talk about it like I cook a movies we can go to the movies and then just see where we’re at like best movies of 2020 stolen lifetime videos that good like I thought it was a good movie we’re going for the list of top movies I guess what to do top 100 comedies of see what Rotten Tomatoes has the number one I do not like those I made like these are not they are so bad at that our house International movies I don’t really know what that is or parasite yeah that’s the one Seven Samurai are we love them we have a hundred drama that you look a good drama black panthers no drama Susan Cain I guess you gone or seeing if people really loved basement remodeling milwaukee Black Panther and I didn’t think it was that great stop dialogue was cheesy and new horror movies I would like those but I don’t know what was that movie also the end is also the Jordan Peele 1 unlock you like that one quiet place I guess King Kong is not that’s definitely just like a weird Blockbuster mystery and suspense and see what that’s all about I could see some of those being that if you do Musical 2 music on here The Wizard of Oz huh wow and I did not know what’s considered a musical.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee we also have hoop dreams only a month for electric dreams item I wasn’t happy with fans in with Rocky a fighter on the other hand is a great movie I don’t know men select an idea I definitely would probably fans giving 89 credits of 91 not a bad I’ve had moved out of bed move it all line or television movie is.  but El Caminos 1 that make santouka go back to action adventure because there’s a price on my favorite type of movies I usually get like the most ratings but I feel like a Blade Runner 2049 it’s just stop with the Vanderbilt Terminator people like that thing I did like the movie Empire Strikes Back is a great movie new grips and fever seen that but it’s The Princess Bride all my shoulder super sunburn.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s also like I said I think those are like animations stuff right there it is is going to 97 per cent for the audience score in the 95% credit score looks like a great a lot of people like interesting a joke about the photos of the movie it looks like it’s animated really well Pixar movie I don’t believe it is I don’t know what studio makes this movie it is just a Disney Animation Pixar but it is Disney select the same realm of ideas.  basement remodeling Milwaukee all my chicken is also still in the microwave see how warm it is as we can go look at it if you like he check and if he check is right here now I got the Young is Chick-fil-A sauce has no calories cuz that is probably still the best songs of all time on and if you really want carbs off so I might get lucky here I take my phone off the charger go see how many calories Chick-fil-A sauce is in nutrition fact because I would definitely eat that one in. In the in the pantry if that was it Chick-fil-A you’re the Chick-fil-A sauce I’m if we look at the one packet it’s only 6 carbs the I’m definitely doing it only six cards 6 carbs on a day over and now I have a total of 11 so it’s definitely not the worst thing for me to eat a lot of fat calories but they’ll make my chicken taste better and a little bit of Friday into my diet I can be a little dry from microwave in it but it is what it is I’m basement remodeling Milwaukee Justified theme that I can do we look at it here.

I did say OK Google what’s up to the the quarter that has to be to me more than a thousand words right here. I just need to come up with some more ideas of what to write. This is the website with the people’s contact information which is pretty fun but good thing we are getting estimates. I can’t remember where he is located but with drive time who knows what is going to happen, down the road. Can’t deny that that would have been ridiculous. No wonder why they are calling people and they bought the house. I always knew that millennials are older than expected. If you have any questions, please give us a call!