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Hello all how are you today? Well today has been a dreary day for us all here at back to basics builders. We are struggling to stay awake here in this crazy weather. I am tired but I can manage   i don’t know so much. Like how can we get through a monday and then it has to rain a ton like why lord? Can’t it just be sunny and breezy with leaves crackling in the paths. What can we do? I want to do so much basement remodeling milwaukee and yet I am only moving like a snail today. I hate moving like a snail. I love that I can run like crazy and then take a few steps back and relax for a while. , What color would you like to paint your house without it looking like a particular season. I love warm natural colors but I struggle with adding bold bright colors. I am never sure what to add as an accent color.  I truly struggle with . I see the color pallet that is given to me and then I look so confused like what one do I use more of? I shrug my shoulders and move on with my choices. Have i mentioned this weather sucks . So when i look at pain and i see all these beautiful colors i get so frustrated because i want them all and the choices become overwhelming. I like to just stay in one space with my colors one category one side of the many options and just grab and go. It is never like that and I hate it. I hate that there are so many options for stains as well. I hate that I can’t just walk in a store and choose one stain there’s like a gazillion. , when i am at local stores and i see paint colors it amazes me and i get overwhelmed. Why can i just pick i color! I usually have an idea when i am around different places and then I get frustrated and i don’t know what to do when i get to the store. Like who can order paint online? I sure can’t basement remodel milwaukee. You know who can order paint online? Crazy people that are crazy people who really dont have a paint priority. I try my best sometimes and then I get so frustrated trying to find different shades. I remember basement remodeling Milwaukee looking for paint for my baby girls room. I remember moving when she was three months old. Then I remember going through and finding the best color ever, fiesta. I knew I wouldnt forget it and I would always know what color was on the wall. I want to paint the ceiling white glitter. I am not sure how it will turn out in basement remodeling in Milwaukee but I do know that I can do my best and try to make it so pretty. I am tired and I feel like crap . I feel like i cant go right now. I can only sleep. I am tired and want to nap in the rain. I will tell you what i plan to do tonight. I plan on going to cozy up in a blanket, turn on the tv and light all my candles in my house and relax and work tonight. How does that sound? We are killing it here at back to baiscs builders. We are doing great things including painting. Basement remodeling milwaukee I love to paint just kidding I hate it. I love to demo. I love demoing places and making new changes to update new spaces. i have been browsing some crazy ideas for my bathroom update and i am super excited to find out some new stuff. So I have a crazier plan than I did before. I always wanted to use glitter paint   and I think I found the perfect place to add glitter to the paint. In the bathroom! I have decided to go with grey glitter pain on one wall with glitter. The wall with the vanity and toilet is the one I will paint with glitter. i love to try new things and i love to know that new things are coming our way. What better way to spice up a bathroom than to add some glitter pain to it. I love glitter and I need some in my life.  I am happy to try a new color and move forward with fun exciting new adventures. I am going to paint one wall gray glitter and keep some old industrial lighting and some turquoise for the vanity to add a nice pop of color. I am ready for this spring adventure. Let’s begin this project now. Just kidding, I need to wait. Basement remodeling Milwaukee we are working on some sother projects before we start mine again. I like to take my time and enjoy what I have done in the house thus far. I have added a dishwasher and stained cabinets then we added some solid decor to the house. I need some big crazy pillows for my couch. I can’t wait! I love big fur solid colors to add some bright fun stuff to the walls and reflect on the paintings I have up in the room. I love and I enjoy having so much fun and doing fun stuff all the time! I love that I can add fun colors and shine to one room all the time. I am moving forward with great stuff all the time! Like i am so excited to move forward with fun stuff like catching a color idea that normally doesn’t fit the script. I am going to step outside of the box and create some fun stuff basement remodeling Milwaukee if you are ready to step outside the box and create fun stuff give us a call and schedule your free estimate today.