Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Prioritizing What Matters

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Hello everyone happy Friday lets cut to the chase here we all know what happened last week those super annoying clients started to fuss I wanted to remind you who we are and what we do first we are basement remodeling milwuakee we are here to first serve the customer and help them establish there home we are here to secure their business and to always remind them we have a passion to use our craftsmanship to always think outside the box to always remember that we are the people who are in their homes when they are not they build trust with us and they remind us daily of the relationships we need to keep and the relationships we break now lets take a second to see if basement remodeling milwuakee can agree with pros and cons of the situation you know like did we learn anything how did it start lets examine beginning to end with all honesty and see where we can prevent this from ever happening again in any home lets remember to first give thanks for all the work that has been provided to us and lets be grateful in some situations now lets make rounds through basement remodeling milwaukee bob please comment well I am grateful sir I am grateful I never have to go back there again I do know it all started then they saw the hole in my shirt my hamster made the morning of and probably the coffee stain from spilling coffee on my way to work remember it told you I might need workmans comp for that burn but it didn’t qualify I was in the emergency room for the whole morning remember that bobbi jo yes I also remember the day when I came to work with a ratted behive and they thought I was the craziest human alive I mean European style is the thing I one time I saw a woman with a bow the size of a mcdonalds sign on her head I mean we cant be all looking like men here at basement remodeling milwaukee jo bo do you remember when that customer looked at you before your beard was way down your chest and you had two braids in it I do I remember the stares they gave you even though you had on your boots and Carhart jacket they didn’t seem to care oh and you had your good boots on that day the checkered ones with the pink dots on them. Alright yall lets see how basement remodeling milwaukee can handle the situations a little better you know we must present ourselves to the customers first remember basement remodeling milwuakee always needs to consider professionalism when they are dealing with all customers so maybe that one annoying customer wasn’t so bad after all we all know the changes around here have been great even with the prober language and training the kind conversations we have about looking professional being a professional doesn’t mean you need to take away you it should add to you its another character you can carry for the day we all wear different hats and well a pro is one of them at basement remodeling milwuakee we need to keep in mind how strong we are and overcome most comments by reminding ourselves who we truly are im happy we fixed that relationship and moved on thank God for open minds great job team now for the couple expecting a child how do you think that went we worked on the nursery that once was a walk in closet remember the parents wanted to transfer the baby at an older age so it’s a small space but we managed to keep everything we needed within the walls the crib the small dresser and changing space we added some décor with the help of tina and daisy so what did yall think well it all went well I think you know I love babies and I love the colors we had blue and red and orange and yellow and what that called francesa that color a purple color well I guess some of us only know some colors but I think it worked out well me too I think it went well the baby should have the same birthday as me remember unless he comes early then who knows whos birthday he will have I remember being so tired and I could hear that mama June throwing up the whole time we were painting you know first I though it was my fault because well that’s before you taught me I needed the stuff for hygiene you call it well basement remodeling milwaukee is a great place I love it we love our customers they are always so nice to us they are very understanding and when they are not we do our best to quickly move on and respect their wishes it is there home and it is there place to live remember we went through a bunch of words that defined home I loved that project on Monday morning we had fun we came up with all different words since we have been in so many homes and met so many people we all understand everyone defines home differently and its within us to respect and honor that home as I has been defined we cant always respect things as they are ours because you know some of us are still learning how to respect our own things in life but im happy we can always put our customers first with a little learning basement remodeling milwaukee has done it again they have respected all clients their cultures their priorities and their lifestyles it’s a joy learning how accommodating we can be and how much we have become a team a unified team that is close like family and that makes me happy at tbasement remodeling milwuakee we will always remember to be kind always learn and be open to difference always keeping our customers first