Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Spicing Up The New Home?

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Welcome to one of the most highly reviewed basement remodeling company there is. At back to basics builders we are here to better help you and all of your remodeling project needs. I am here today to help you all the way around your remodeling project lets talk about your remodeling project. You can call us at any time and schedule your free estimate with us. At back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are here to help you decide and build and create a beautiful place to live. Lets talk about vanities for a minute I love that we can jump ahead and move forward with great space like the bathroom. How do we move forward with such a project what comes first paint or stain well I know for sure my bathroom remodel is going to be a bit different than most as it is only an update from what we have to what we want it to look like. I know the first and foremost popular color we have is gray it is the top notch color of the season and time. I however refuse to fit most mold and be outside the box. At back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are here to guide you through this process of paging through many options and bring you the most updated and reviewed and selected unless you want outside the box and color is your thing. I love color and I love animals so I have chosen a rustic animal adventure in my bathroom with fun stuff like a fountain and candles and some bits of animal and color maybe a zen jungle is that possible? Well I will let you know. So lets open the door and go to the right where the light switch rests next to the medicine cabinet. A three doored mirror with wood trim could be updated with a darker tone of stain. Lets remove the mirrored doors and the cabinet from the wall. Lets tape the cabinet and take it outside for some sanding. After we sand the medicine cabinet we can let that dry and paint the wall in the meantime. Once the wall is drying we can lay another layer of stain on the medicine cabinet. This should be a lot of fun! In the next weekend we will be painting and staining. The medicine cabinet light fixture and wall. What a deal it is to have some great imagination behind the projects! yes what fun it is to do great things. Now lets move a bit to the toilet any changes? Nope keep the same toilet we need the handicapped toilet since my legs are so long it add great comfort. I am so excited to walk you through my bathroom! Now that I am starring at my toilet what can go above that small space and what can be on the toilet do I need shelves or pictures do I want my kids art or do I want my fancy stuff should I be practical and add space for storage. I have no idea what I want to do with it yet so lets slide to the left and stare at the window. Since the widow is designed well we don’t need any blinds we could use some sheer drapes and call it a day maybe some yellow one yes yellow I like that idea. Sheer yellow curtains will work just perfect! now turn to the left again and you are facing the shower what could go on the shower rod? I know what could go there! A giraffe I love animals we will use the Giraffe for the shower curtain. I will also need plastic shower curtain holders. I cannot deal with the rust of bar any more its frustrating. I hate rust I hate the look of it I hate it all! Now what can we do to do great things well lets start with taking the stuff out of the bathroom and choose a wall color! What color are we going to do for our walls? Yes it will be gray and bard red or turquoise for stain. I am really ready to go for this bathroom update. I am excited and I am ready to do great things yes lets do this I am ready. I love change because I can do great things with it. At back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are happy and excited to do great things with great change. I am super happy and ready to do great stuff with my bathroom I have found the fun stuff for my remodeling project! I have three shelves and some fun décor ideas! What yes I need to save money and move forward with the fun stuff here at back to basics builders we get it! We understand that you need to stay within budget. I have two kids and a growing family. I love it I love that we can come together and we can do great fun stuff. I love that I can move forward at back to basics builders we are here to be the greatness in your remodeling project. I always tell people to lay it out and we can make the dream come true. Here at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are here to help you and your remodeling project. I am so happy and excited that we can work on stuff and get things done together. If you are ready for your remodeling project let us know today and we can schedule your free estimate. At back to basics builders I am here to say we always make things great! What a deal hey give us a call and make your dreams come true. At back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee this is super exciting to have the fun stuff going on. We are all in this together no family left behind.