Donde esta Ramon I wonder if he’s got an appointment today Ramon you know of other job if I would allow you to be gone this much but only every other job I’ve ever worked would not allow that.  really interesting I never really heard of that so that’s why he goes to those every time he has to I wonder if Joe and Sarah know that I don’t know because like what gear is a good thing but I’m saying like cuz usually when he’s going to like they’re like why does he have to go to every appointment I don’t think he’s told them yeah but you’re sure he has it cuz he’s not like the most communicative guy yeah. I’m just going to I’m just going to say.

The thing that saves these guys like to say Brandon that Ramon is the fact that when they actually show up they are very good at their job you basement remodeling milwaukee know there is a job shadow on Thursday though offer Katz’s I think I might be the first day of cats can’t remember but I don’t know who’s going to be there but it’s usually they’ll probably have to go to cats of Adams. Back because usually yeah but the guy that doing that’s coming in for Shadows on your side dude he works as a correctional officer and then I don’t know if you wasn’t police officer believes in that field like scary guy he’s a big dude you just as tired of the schedule.

As you miss you in when I showed basement remodeling milwaukee up I was only one for my group interview got locked out because then you can I think I still would have been fine if I had a group interview because I that yeah, we see it all the problem.  Joe else like Joe which some there’s a there’s a hundred resume and I think that my she on so I won’t have no I don’t have to be doing what Natasha do.  cuz I will cuz that’s what Kyle you know know. so it wouldn’t like at the same time I’m helping Kyle so like I can’t fully go into the sales things that I want to do because I have cuz then I got to basement remodeling milwaukee do like labor on time sheets which office administration.  what the thing is that the one that stop is like certain people are like so what we do what I do when I’ve been told to do is we always round up to the 15th minute so instead of right what can make it easier for me to do that cuz I’ll see like 2 or 4 and I’m like that’s like it’s every 15 so say it’s like 5 so you say you clock out at 5:10 so it’s going to go to 5:15 you basement remodeling milwaukee know what I mean or or 4:50 if you’re not a 4 L go to 445 if you know what I mean it’s whatever the closest 15 is so so if you’re going to leave at 4:50 you might as well stay an extra 5 minutes to get that and I think I don’t know if that’s I don’t think that’s how he pays you guys I think he just could Joe does that I think you just tallies up the actual hours so for that matter but either way like for timesheets which is what we charge customers for labor that’s how we do it.

When  I know sometimes what’s an extra 5 minutes if it’s 4:55 I don’t know how do your hours look on your when you get paid are they like are they like whole numbers like exact are there like point something cuz then I can look at one of these I’m not too worried about it difference because he’s okay so yeah so he’s got 77.75 so I’m sure that’s how he does it go does it probably it running up to the 15 but cuz it just makes it easier than like paying basement remodeling milwaukee somebody for 4 minutes of work sure you just round it down then I mean if you leave at 2:07 whatever.  right I mean in reality know what I mean if you leave at 2:10 in the from you’ll probably still want to put to 10 but like reality but to 15 and we probably going to really know me that’s the honor System but I think is that last minute he was talking about like some app for something where you clock in I think that’s just more so for like lunches and stuff like that like that yeah I don’t think it’s cuz like I don’t take a break here because I could just leave my lunch here and I get here at 8 I leave at 4 I mean someone supposed to be in the office till 5 like 4:30 right.

All right so we are at what see were you okay with that like if I look up early how line what’s so funny I would hold on the Chelsea what see what people are saying pretty much everybody is in the mix it says Barcelona Real Madrid and Manchester United Manchester City are all people that are interested in the striker will see if they spent remodeling Milwaukee will see if the basement remodeling Milwaukee and see if that is where we’re at easier she is one of the best free agents coming in Chelsea’s working intensely so it’ll probably become exciting to see that because they’re thinking about moving on from Tammy Abraham but if you can get some 12 Brandon Brandon but if you can get early in the line next to Timo Bernhard and might mean that T-Mobile is going to have a better season because he doesn’t have as much pressure on them you know they definitely said also can I have Hertz is a. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. We would love to answer any questions you have!