Okay so we’re going to keep going and I am not text my girlfriend telling her yeah I set up an appointment get my iPad fixed on Friday go back to the website and see what they’re going to ask to meet me at him sucking thumb I like to do the estimate I set up an appointment no estimate so that’s perfect I love that home if we keep looking though give me something that’s a weird thing to say but on basement remodeling Milwaukee. It’s going to I want to see the only broken glass the see what the to 7 what’s a select it was like the store the wife doing all that but low price guarantee home I got to tell me an estimate how much does You Break I Fix cost on the way they won’t even.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee if we keep going there is we just go to screen repair glass only I don’t know how she can be bad it’s not that horrible hard that’s good what’s up glass only I don’t I’ve had towards iPad 2017 not good copy $211 on all right let’s see what it be at furniture repair options now all right well they did save time way which is good but I want to see Hopefully I’ll have to pay a bunch to get it fixed but I let’s go to what we can look at the MLB scores from yesterday because that seems to give me enough material for at least a few of these we look at yesterday let’s go to the first game the twins hey Brandon twins beat the the Orioles 3 2 2 something Rodger town was named he got the win Robles the first time hearing him he was first name is Hansel Robles got the got the save all he used to be the apparently he did not have a good year last year but oh well if we look at the box score see who had the games Jorge Point go Townsend at Chamblee go to soccer it’s in there yeah it’s in there I seen it if we keep looking on basement remodeling Milwaukee we will see if we go to today’s games all there is World Cup qualifying games but I don’t look like anything 4 think Team USA plays on Thursday if I yeah they do play now they just lost.

They play Honduras they should be able to win in a week definitely hoping that they can do that look at Saturday this is when Sunday was one but on Saturday by Melissa a bunch of games much real Beef Chicago 1 to nothing the Red Bulls beat Orlando 2 2 1 Caden Clark Phenom scored the goal as well as Christian kaser is Junior on both apply my favorite players on that team.  if you look Toronto lost to it looks like the Columbus Crew tough then Cincinnati lost again New England New England keeps winning Atlanta and Nashville tide nobody I know scored a goal in that game New York FC on the beat lafc 221 go down Miami lost United Camaro got two goals keep going Houston lost to Sporting Kansas City Colorado beat Dallas exciting to see stands for Real Salt Lake looks like they beat see how I get this wrong Dallas or know they beat Minnesota international friendlies for sure we should the US lost a friendly on the friendly to Switzerland on Sunday but it is romantic cells games basement remodeling milwaukee

Don’t count as much as Sebastian lletget scored the only goal look at Switzerland steam I don’t even know who they have I don’t know their goalie and if you look at their team Ricardo Rodriguez maybe it’s a guy that I probably should know other than that there’s not much I know, if we go to Sunday’s games those are the big ones Sunday no Sunday Chelsea won the Champions League final yeah I don’t know what’s going on okay maybe not Sunday Saturday yeah Saturday Chelsea beat Manchester City to win the Champions League final of the English league championship Bradford 122 nothing against Swansea City or the Australian League there is USL championship the games for today it’s just a lot of FIFA stuff Wednesday would be FIFA stuff again on Thursday same deal just looks like the season’s over right now International play now for the rest of the summer so that’s kind of exciting I’m going back to baseball the the Rays beat the Yankees the razor just by the hottest team in baseball I’ll fire sing a song Bruce rate of RAM.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee Philip DJ lemahieu 1/4 Jean Carlos Stanton 1/4 he’s really good player in judgment 144 he’s being $300 a year so I could for him or shall I went over for labor Torres 1/4 with no door 143 and do our when 2 for 4 so I’m a bad game affection welcome at work you made it your business by doing it at work right think about it like that it’s not your business until it affects you and now it is your business cuz it does affect you very valid point give me something to do see look at Tampa Bay the lowest still struggling I don’t get a really good year last year I know 2 years ago getting ready to get in 2019 he’s really struggling this year Randy arozarena went 1 for 4 with an RBI what’s the medal of the sound of 30 Q up he’s a guy that usually if he sent me while the team is looking really good unless by a correlation between how he’s hitting and how the rest of the teams playing if I look at his numbers that they’re kind of what I want to do in my with Austin Meadows stats I’m going to be see where he’s at see this year he’s open to 30 is o p s+ is 153 so if he gets hit it’s definitely extra-base hit I was 44 hits 27 of them are extra-base hit so that’s pretty good if I go to his game logs we will see that basement remodeling Milwaukee.