Yeah I thought it was March 20th probably okay yeah why would you get on the PS4 you don’t have a new PlayStation solid give a new PlayStation I want to get there I want it for the PlayStation 4 oh well I called because I was double-checking something so you guys are usually have dinner with Grandma and Grandpa on Wednesdays won’t come next week you change it to a different day I don’t know yet I’d let you know if Sunday while I’ll let you know I can let you know tomorrow while no Thursday I can let you know Thursday text with practices. Starting on Wednesdays so I won’t be able to go up a day every week but cupcake dinner sounds good yep and are we supposed to have dinner this weekend yes we heard but that’s why I was wondering I was just making sure I was just making sure that wasn’t planned already that I didn’t know yet okay sounds good you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we hope everyone’s having a great and fantastic day today you know it and unfortunately it is cloudy outside but you know that’s okay there’s a lot things to do on this car lease tell you have a lot of time to spend with your family inside however it’s just one of those spring days we’re just going to be cloudy and rainy please. Going to cold you know it’s not too cold outside.

I guess you were here basement remodeling Milwaukee and I call Quality below 32 anything above that it’s like okay it’s not warm but not cold happy little medium for when it’s spring where you at you don’t get the freezing rain or anything like that you get you a little 40 to 45 to 50 degree weather with it’s raining and which is nice but you don’t hear basement remodeling Milwaukee when I can be discussing whether even though we could do that all day and go over everything I don’t even think talking about theme household and you know I don’t like seeing things I don’t things is just a fancy word for that many people say as to call you with themed house living well yeah so what but you know some of them are pretty interesting quite unique and different and that’s why we discussing the day you know it’s today we have a client that we’ve had when working with him last couple months until the bathrooms at is a female so they have a retro-styled home.

It’s pretty unique and pretty different you know even from the outside doesn’t look like it but then when you get inside and into the kitchen you see it you start to see it where do you have your openings at onto the back. Back door the back of backyard and stuff or is this like beautiful home where has a Windows against that says Windows what’s the something you don’t see very often any more houses like that now I’m in the kitchen itself is retro what you have a nice little brown Orange kitchen and it’s very unique very different from what you would normally see in the kitchen these days you know we’re working on one project right now work that it’s a modern-day kitchen you know but you know it is also very unique in its own different way which we can get inside in a minute but you know you’re at basement remodeling milwaukee is about to get into.

Just want to talk to my clients and our clients and projects because they’re very unique very different from what normally you would see in homes on this one that would doing that was disgusting. The Retro style one but the new capital waterfall is it a little bit from the actual counter itself and just has it right there and very unique very different and we love it so you know it’s a very different project now it’s nothing we can actually show people that yeah we’ve done this before we’ve done that you know it’s not too far off from that we have experienced doing these things going back to the Retro style anyhow it’s another reason why he can say you know we can help you with anything you want done. You know we’re doing these two retro style bathroom as you know it’s not that hard to do with Benefits similar and different way are we know we have the skill set we have the uniqueness that we can bring to you on we make sure our client’s understanding what their Communicator if we are you can just ask all my clients you know that we’re working with you we are over communication on everything because you know we want to make sure everything is being taken care of and everything is being done the way that you wanted to as well as that every style that.

I’ll do my project is leg style that you want to see that way you can have that Phim room you can have that same kitchen or the theme basement are the theme retro style bathrooms you know when we’d sit talk about this one forever you know that it’s very nice very different and very cool on the stuff and bad about the saying about the projects the homeowners are great and fantastic and you know it’s just been a pleasant time working for them very easy going and you know it’s just going to be one of those great projects were we hope we get a lot of credit for meaning that we hope we here at basement remodeling milwaukee get an award for when we show it off to the Narnia National again you know we just won an award for our past basement that we did last year and it turned out fantastic with an ice Stone Face stacked stone on the backsplash in the face of the bar so when you get basement remodeling Milwaukee call it has helped you with your next big remodel for the Ritz themed or not.