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This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Hello today is a great day have you seen the new latest fad or fashion statements I am so excited when the sun is out and I want to add bright colors to my home with pillows and throws and set up my she porch where I love to sip coffee and tea and watch the neighborhood or read a book I love it at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we also love to add new bright colors to the room and allow the sun shine in and watch the helicopters fly over the building in a way its sad its flight for life and they fly to the hospital when someone is in a life or death situation and at back to basics builders basement remodeling miwaukee we would hate to bring the trauma of the wrong color to your basement we love to spruce up space but sometimes people do not appreciate orange or yellow walls nor do they enjoy metallic walls or glitter walls some might I know my sisters are fanatics for the glitter paint however I know that its not for everyone so we love to personalize change especially during the new year and for seasons when we remodel during certain times of the year I notice color choice pend on the current season winter there are usually warmer choices in the summer much more brighter whites and in spring the lavender and sage surface although I love sage I am really not into other color I am currently in love with blue at this time and its great I have noticed all different types of colors and shades while working here at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee I love that I am able to search new colors for this year and I love that we can help customers choose the right color for their new space I love it so much I love that I can just help me love their home I think that is what it is I love it so much at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we love that we can help families grow into their new space we love that we can see the difference and love that we can see positive change in this world I get so excited when new customers call and they want to schedule an estimate it’s the beginning of another change I love when there are space challenges and I love when there are great times of people making memories not only do you get to make new memories but we create new memories as a team and unit we are more unified we are strong we are unstoppable and that is why we are the greatest in the town we love what we do when you love what you do you can make a huge difference in the lives of others at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are excited and love to help new people create new space I get so excited I want everyone to see what we can do as a team I am here in the office and I get to see everyone that comes in and out I get to meet with the team weekly I love Monday meetings I love that they flow so well joe he enjoys weekly meetings with our team he loves to hear the good things and he loves to help everyone work through the struggles we create a family oriented team we create a space where everyone is comfortable we create a safe and secure work environment we keep our employees prepared and ready to think outside the box at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we don’t ever want our clients to miss out because lack of knowledge we encourage our team with continued education and support we network with some of the best subcontractors and we love what we do at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we will have your basement looking great amazing words cannot express how great your basement will look with a team that not only cares about our customers but also cares about each other I love where I work and I love the people who work with me and I love the people who work in the outside in the homes of our customers I get so excited for our customers I know they love what we do and sometimes its nerve wrecking working with people you don’t know and letting them in your house a place where your family is to be safe and secure that is why we have created the safest work environments and have put in precautions for our employees and have build a sense of family around them we hold each other accountable we hold each other liable we expect respect and integrity we are who we say we are we have character we have the ability to unify and build each other up most importantly we listen we can hear what each other are saying we hear what the customer wants and it helps us with knowing how to create their dream with our open door and open lines of communication we are here to help make things happen and support dreams and to create a new space for new memories we are that team we are the ones you call for a free estimate we are the ones you need to call for your new space to be created from nothing to words cannot describe as I tell you our business I am telling you how you will be treated we are a family owned business and we love what we do and we enjoy doing it together as a team unified with character we have victories we have struggles but we have never pushed them aside and said nothing we have though outside the box and will continue to do so until the customer is happy.