Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Purely Just Laundry?

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Hello Transit Freight sleepy dad Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee its really boring today I will not lie I look up this morning with the intentions of doing laundry today and I looked out my window my phone rain I heard the birds chirping and then I went through the house and anything on the east side of the house I close job wiped everything down cuz of course why I left it open and the water got in then I made the kids some breakfast tomorrow I poured cereal and not even myself but my little guy did for him and his sister then I went ahead and had some church and Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee he was peaceful it was an amazing service for Passover getting the word out he was preaching it we had a lot of amens and hallelujahs in the comments goes well you know it’s on YouTube live or it’s on Facebook live and it’s just been a long morning of trying to breathe and when I heard the birds chirping I knew it was just time that I had to take peace with myself I made a fresh cup of coffee and sat down and have some church with my pastor Back to Basics Builders we encourage families to be alive in their face to walk in their face is he believe in humankind we believe in people just being human and nurturing and loving one another and I just I get so excited when I start talking about the beauty of things and I know last week I touched a lot about self-care and peeling back different layers and all that kind of stuff and what covid has done and what layers have you pulled off I don’t know what’s between you and you are God but I know that between me and my God we had it out we talk to each other and I really need to take it into a prayer closet and I only thought about remodeling a part of my house way it could just be a little Nook cranny for myself but I think that’s going to come when we start remodeling our basement Back to Basics Builders we love remodeling homes and adding new memories and creating new lives and encouraging Lifestyles and and this is what we like to do have Back to Basics Builders this is not about a time where we need to be selfish where we needs to be all about me and nobody else this is a time where we come together and create unity and move ahead with greatness and we have we really have and I am very proud of at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have done great things together and we have grown together and we have become a tight-knit family you know we take time out we have lunch together we go to Parks together and play catch together and it’s just is loving one another and growing together and I just I can’t really excited inside when I get to work with different people in the smile a lot and¬† I’m Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we encourage Sundays with families we’re never open I’m just laying on the couch and review in my week and I just I’m in a lot of a lot of things that back-to-basics Builders has done and I encourage you that if you haven’t yet that you check us out on her website at Back to Basics and fill out the contact page and look forward to a free estimate it’s really exciting it really really is and I just can’t fathom why people don’t reach out and want to create new space in their home I know I’m learning here and there and I watch YouTube and I have all these little do-it-yourself kits and some Pinterest ideas and I love making I used to let me correct myself Boards of different rooms in my house and I would pray over them those boards and those boards would be the future of my home and they have most of them come to pass and the vision that I had for each Roman what it’s going to look like and how it’s going to serve its purpose and what it’s going to do when I what I really would send pray with that now I’m just excited to breathe today and it’s weird how sometimes God just knocks you down here can refocus not Back to Basics Builders sometimes you just need to enjoy the sound of the rain turn off the background noise and get real with God and a back-to-basics pillars when we do remodeling projects weekend pretty heavy into you know encouraging families to live their faith and to not be disturbed by our presence but to continue and to celebrate their culture and it itches gets us so happy to know that people will reach out to us and people know that we always provide free consultation services even in the beginning of the from the estimate forward at Back to Basics Builders we don’t leave our customers hanging and we always encourage our customers to try this out and give us feedback and write reviews and if you look at our website alone you’ll know that at Back to Basics Builders we have we have done great things and we’re making big strides in the marketing and we’re getting really excited about it and we want you to go and schedule your free estimate today so you can be provided with a consultation service and using go ahead on the website at Back to Basics or you can and fill out that contact sheet or you can go ahead and give us a call at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we always want you to know that whatever remodel you’ve called us for you always be respected you will always have employees of integrity employees are faithful and loyal we will always move forward with your remodeling projects and we encourage you to give us a call today¬†