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Hi its the afternoon thank you for tuning in and sharing the ay with me at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee i am so excited today can i tell you why well lets just say native americans are under the care act and i am so happy to move forward with a new dishwasher i have wanted a dishwasher for so long you have no idea i have looked for so many different dishwasher what brand is best i am looking forward to a Ge portable dishwasher in stainless steel i am super excited about it i cannot wait what brand do you have at basement remodeling milwaukee i am stoked to have the option to buy a dishwasher i love that i can browse different stores and look and pray over things i wish for and somehow it happens i love it i love how god always provides and sees the better picture when i browse for fun stuff i know that one day it will happen never have i been so blessed as i am today my life has done a 180 and i have accomplished so many things in the past year i am sometimes tired and exhausted and wanting to quit and just let the system suck me up and know me only by a number but then i remember what i was created for and what i was made for and then i am again inspired at back to i am here today only by god’s grace and i am here to tell you that if it wasn’t for this business i wouldn’t be functioning as great as i am today simple things that i never had i now have and it makes me happy to know that i can feed my kids and i can provide them with clothes and i can provide a roof over their head only because of how great god is and how he moves through other people he is so gracious and merciful my life is great and i am so happy that he has chosen me to be the mom of these two babies at back to basics builders i am comfortable with my career because it is always growing and i am always learning new things¬† i learned the purpose of spreadsheets and how to track so much information on them to better help business flow and how to know what is working and what isnt working at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we know that no one stays in one place we all grow together and that is something i will cherish forever i love that i can keep moving forward with a team that is unified and strong it makes me so happy that we can come together and make new things happen and enjoy the fun stuff that makes life happen in the greatest of ways how great things always work out for us at God has given us the ability to better serve you on to better help you only simply by living and working through individuals to come together and to unite and to be a better team we are here to help you better serve your remodeling projects I know that this company is greatness I know¬† such a time as this is society has made so many different changes and it’s very complicated to always see the good when you’re out doing day-to-day things but here at Back to Basics Builders we want you to know that we appreciate each other here and when you have a Staffing in a company that appreciates the goodness and greatness that other families can provide for them it makes everything cozy and comfy in your able to grow and to step outside of your comfort zone because you know you have a support and you have people that are here to help you and a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s what we do we’re here to help one another and to encourage one another to be individuals and to be unique to use the talents that God has given us and we know that God is gracious and he is merciful and he is understanding and when we come up against obstacles that we reach out to him and it’s only by his grace and mercy that I was given a position here at and I’m able to take care of my family and I’m able to provide and I’ve never in my life have been able to say such a thing but I know that God’s Will has been done and I know it’s continuing and I know that great things are happening and this is just the beginning and that gets me excited inside that something is staring and something is moving and something is great going to happen if it has a I’ll riding a Back to Basics Builders we want you to experience who we are and what we do we want you to give us a call for your free estimate today at Back to Basics Builders we’re here to answer all of your questions in regards to your remodeling projects give us a call at 414-460-0075 you can reach out on our website at ww.w W to Basics you can also fill out our contact page and we will get back to you within a 24-hour notice you will also be able to email us once we go through with your estimates and provide you with a proposal we have made many different accommodations per family they prefer to be cautious during covid-19 and how am I supposed to wear gloves or masks and have asked us to wear shoe coverings or to wash our hands upon entry carry along hand sanitizers there has been many different request that families has made and we are willing to accommodate families with any needs necessary to move forward with remodeling projects we are very flexible team and we’re very dependable we are people of integrity and we are Dependable at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know that you can reach out via email you can give us a call or you can sell on our contact page at www. Back to basic once your proposal is right and we also Supply you with a live document that you can write on it has all of your choices that you’ve made for materials and it has your agenda on there as to when subcontractors will be in your house and when they will be leaving your house should be in your house in it’s one of our greatest tools and I love it so much as a mom I want to know what’s going on when and where that’s what we’re here for SO2 ninja Back to Basics and get your contact page signed today