It’s already starting the actually have to look up something okay So if I look up certain things that I need to get done I will look at the plan right now is blue and black all well.¬† Basement remodeling Milwaukee I look at the final invoice for witty looks like she always 6000 on a know what that means well I do but just talking to talk So I’m asking you because I did go keto yesterday I definitely just want to look at the Yankees top prospects they’ll some guy named Randall picture 25 row Clarke Schmidt pitch for the Yankees last year in 6.1 Innings has 711 e r a using the miners he’s been pretty good see what is what they say about him we did have time each other first time today the very good 4 Seam fastball Debbie Garcia 22 year old writing the comes to AAA and everything like that they seemed pretty happy about his progress he joins the Yankees with a such a reputation for having one of the best curve balls in the minors but basement remodeling Milwaukee.

He also has get his mid-70s more effective than devastating is a low 80 slider that’s very good in any of the four-seam fastball where he’s gotten all the way up to 97 and 1.4 generally he’s in the 92 Range so if there’s that I think that unless I have a good week of 517 souvenir book in contact with people at least toggle oh him that one sorry so I had to yesterday this one was that fudge with 15 k purple basement you like we can put up we can put up the framing the problem we are getting people I talked to Mark about 3 I was going to wait to talk to you real quick. So we’re talking about break is it just work for us Have a good day at work 40 boards and I got $650 bigger 4 but we should basement remodeling milwaukee have more information since Marcus meeting with them at 9:30 so she can watch I make it by 4 and we got you yeah we got you at 40 something you said right we back what do you got going on what are you up to today or any got drop off Sinaloa estimates today start a contract hopefully the bomb needs to be there to sign she speak of Bones today at when I went to the gas station this morning I just got on the car some guy starts walking out to me in looking holes he looks fine and then I’m add phone since I usually just talk to me is like your mom asked me for money as I’m walking away add lock my car hope you’re feeling good no yeah you like you could make basement remodeling milwaukee breakfast.

Be productive and I don’t know I can get a lot done in a half hour in the mornings if I lay in bed like at 9 and I actually got to get off in like you know make my lunch make breakfast at the same time get dressed I see that’s why I don’t mind Yeah it’s a long day because usually from what I’ve known as I wake up at 5 or anytime before 6 once you at like 9 it’s Tucker out really yeah kind of line I usually end up like an hour before I fall asleep take a good it’s like a good routine that makes me tired yeah I’m home to ask I get these five done and finish the expense reports for me that’s my thing for today and then keep working on Natasha’s ico’s so where at yeah I know they never ending play I get the point at least with ico’s like their tedious but at least I understand why we do them,.

It makes a big difference right there with you I just it depends on the day for me and like today they’re dragging but we’ll get there that’s got to look up random stuff like it’s not my keto I’m really thirsty I’m going to look up why that’s happening I do mine when you’re gone oh I don’t care if you do I mean if you’re talking to a see my thought is I get basement remodeling milwaukee¬† them done right away in the morning I don’t got to worry about him for the rest of the day different way of thinking all right let’s see where we’re at signs of ketosis the ketogenic diet for more body fat is increased ketones what y’all making my blood drawn a test this so I can get the weight loss diet for people should cool kid some weight when in ketosis I know this thirst cause people to feel thirstier than go basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Both of these reactions can cause complications research and okay wow high risk of kidney stones great even though I already think I’m going to get kidney stones for leave on energy drinks that drinking diet soda to avoid dehydration drink plenty of water and other liquids obviously the or okay got the okay I get that all the time ultralight see I need those so I got this Propel today and listing of thirst right now not maybe it’s basement remodeling milwaukee cuz it’s 79 degrees in here and I’m just hot I don’t know how you’ll feel so they are like if I come in and turn the air on it with is he going to say anything see that’s why I’ll have you do it yeah that’s hot 4 would you turn it to right now that makes sense usually you’re the guy that I rely on like when you come in you usually go right up there at the thermostat I don’t know if I caught it in here today I was like then like Brandon and stuff and they’re like and Marcus Like It’s Hot 2 yeah it’s a now it’s pretty consistent or. Call us today if you have any questions regarding services or prices!