Okay that goes good I said make sure that it went by my messages see how’s it going at least he understood. where you coming from what’s good I’m aware I’m not getting other messages but we’re just going to basement remodeling milwaukee keep going I don’t know why I just see what he’s going to contact discover a good contact very good vision is bunting is amazing undo speed is amazing so if it was a good thing good arm strength but he does have good feeling make ice pretty fast I don’t know what’s going on here that was cheesy see you when I get back to hit a homerun.  I was I was worried that was I don’t even know why I did thatno that wasn’t even go back  last night last i dont know why that call went so bad i would just like to have one good call, if i were them i would have taken the project just because it was so much money. Oh well ig uess it’s a learning experience and one i can learn from.

Night I watched a new movies on Netflix it’s called Army of the Dead it was a movie directed by Zack Snyder about heist in Las Vegas during the zombie apocalypse. I’m essentially the zombie apocalypse started and government was able to contain it within Las Vegas but there’s still money in Las Vegas so people would constantly go in there trying to steal I had to give this movie score out of 100 let’s say I would say was like a 45 maybe even though you like a 43 I can we both 43 some people really liked it I didn’t I thought it was basement remodeling milwaukee the acting was subpar that is very true I’ll be as I’m in a real world word.  all the characters followed pretty generic tropes and so I kind of got annoying like you knew exactly what they’re going to say and when they were going to say it give me character highlight was I think the name was banned or something but even then me I did like the ending I like the fact that he went on the plane at the end and now discovered that he was bitten.

I thought the movie was just weird some of the parts were weird I didn’t I guess it is kind of cool Legos a different take on the leave it just like the movies I don’t know what it was but it was very Zack Snyder and what do you like them or not his movies. Leave a basement remodeling milwaukee style at night when we follow his style, if I had to look at then we go a rotten tomatoes and see if people think about it cuz I mean it’s a pretty big movie right now the people are talking about and I just don’t know if I guess the tomatometer has a 69 audience has it as a 76 so just not my thing. See go to reviews people are saying not great not terrible what you’re saying it’s the person said it was a c-minus so they said it’s excessive storytelling while some of these people are giving a pretty high scores looks like because Snyder doesn’t care McDonald’s that it’s worse I don’t really know McDonald’s I said okay. Basement remodeling Milwaukee all of you say it’s just like they just a lousy with for no reason music critic reviews I’d rather look at the audience reviews what’s the line before giving a five-star so we’re probably like to how do you get more sore to Stars I didn’t understand that this person says the acting is lame there’s no reason to put emotion between basement remodeling milwaukee  the characters I agree yeah I agree I would don’t really understand the poster either see a lot of people are saying I think love you or saying that quiet place 2 is doing pretty good replace part two young people have they treated right away as a 92 Corolla as a 73 so that’s not too bad see read critic reviews a boring movie.

See what the lady were saying that still very good story and that it’s something very exciting I’m afraid the move on Carrillo people think that might be kind of cool I don’t really basement remodeling milwaukee  know coming soon I’m going to look at the view all for coming soon a lot of people are liking the new Conjuring movie I guess do you know what else is coming out and see Cruella I thought that was enough that the movie that’s out right now I don’t think it is though was it just came out this week all because the TV is exciting 73 credit score so far not too bad create a look remove E-Z Up There are some that are good most popular TV make myself a Rotten Tomatoes account to become exciting Thornton Stewart words I want to see what are you going to tell me it was $2,000 sure he’s going to love that she was with TV on probably where they are with Ramon to I think they’re both through their to basement remodeling Milwaukee.

All those leads again today undo that before I left yesterday retry I don’t know where at on this thing see I start make more calls this morning oh wait I should probably go to you’ll have to type that in let me just see that yes she did. She’s like a friend’s like and I mean unfortunately really don’t work in that location she’s like Schulich ask question leave when I referred it to Brillo and then she asked if it was like the location and that’s why I was referring her true.  you get to 1. The 2 weeks the other all the girly move month in them it’s 26 paychecks I know that.  how much extra per paycheck basement remodeling Milwaukee.  or keep going down Go the whole time I’m doing it stop.