Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Adding Up The Sizzles

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Hello there, happy Thursday, the week is almost over. And there is still lots to do around the office today at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee. But we did have an unexpected surprise last night one of our team leaders for our crew his wife went into labor. So, things are a little hectic around here currently, but we are all so happy for him and his wife and cannot wait to hear his stories of his new little girl. Thinking of new life and what is to come of that just gets you thinking about bigger things of what is to come in the future of this office and the future of one’s self. Well just thinking of bigger things we are discussing home theaters today. So most of you might not know this but our owner started because he started remodeling his own home and people started to notice it and they loved what they saw so they started asking him to help with there remodels, it all started because he created this amazing home theater in his basement and it looks amazing which is why everyone was started to ask him to projects for them. That all started basement remodeling milwaukee to what it is today and its still growing and we are not slowing down if anything we are getting bigger and faster. Well let us start with entertainment centers, everyone has at least one entertainment center in their home am I wrong, so everyone knows what they are. The question that leaves is how big of a tv do you put on it forty-two maybe a sixty-five inch well those are great options they are but let us use our imagination for a minute okay! Lets say you are having a movie night or even binge watching a new series with friends would you rather watch it in a movie theater or on a forty two inch tv well some might say the forty-two inch tv but others will say the movie theater well why not bring the movie theater home. Well you can, and I will tell you how. First you need a wall plain old wall, then there is a special paint that can be used to on the wall then all you need is a projector. You then hook up the projector to the device that is being used to play the movie or tv show. But these are just the basics of it we can go in to greater detail about how you can get chairs and surround sound in the basement to make you feel like a movie theater there are tons of different ways to create a nice home theater room and loves to home theater to begin with and a help every step of the way to make it the best home theater possible. Let us take a step back a go through every detail that could be if someone wanted to create home theater in a particular room. So, the first step is to decide what wall would you like it to be on. Now basement remodeling milwaukee can help with the decision to find out which wall we would recommend. Next is the design of the room itself meaning well do we want to darken the rest of the room is wall not fully covered. There is a lot aspects that go into the creating a home theater the layout is huge depending on the layout depends which wall we would create the projection on. Then after the layout gets all figure out do you want the projector hanging from the ceiling or do wanted set in the wall adjacent to the screen. Then depending where the projector is depends on where the wires go to and then that goes into the electrical meaning that we may need an electrician to help make an outlet somewhere for the projector that is hanging. does help with this and organizes it so if a home theater is added to the list of things you as the client want done we do help make it as painless as possible for you. Because at basement remodeling a job is not done right if its not what the client wants, we work hard to create the possible dream room that you want created. Now, with that being said its really not as complicated as all of this seems, the reason for that is we do take care of it all we just need a few questions answered, but back to basics basement remodeling milwaukee we are really good at making our clients happy from start to finish we are professional and proficient with the work and pride ourselves doing nothing but excellent work. Now there is always the option to go in the traditional sense and use an entertainment center and tv to put in your basement we will do whatever the client wants because they are the ones that have to live in the house right. But anyway there is nothing wrong going with traditional because we can design it to look great regardless of the ideas you want done. If not just look at our website and all the projects we have done some are more extravagant than others but we pride ourselves in the job well done and it meets the standards of the client and what they wanted done> Does it have all the details that the client wanted does it meet the standards that inspector wanted well this what we pride ourselves with the jobs that we making sure that the client is happy that is what basement remodeling milwaukee cares about being honest with our clients, holding ourselves to higher standards than the rest so the next time you are thinking about adding an entertainment center think about a home theater then think about us back to basics builder basement remodeling milwaukee a call to help with all of your needs.