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Hello today is a great day at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee actually I’m lying it was a day from hell here at the office. Back to Basics Builders So had a doctor’s appointment this morning I know how you all love to tune in to hear about my problems so I’m going to talk about it I’m not telling you went to the doctor’s office they scheduled me for 8:15 I got in and nobody was in the office until 8:30 I sat there for about 45 minutes before I was seen I was talking to my little guy about why I don’t want to have any more babies I told him I just don’t feel like I would have enough love because I have to love him so much and he needs me and we talked about reasons he needs me a lot more then I could ever spread myself among three children so explain it to a six-year-old and they said well I love you so much you and your sister keep me very busy I don’t think I would have enough energy for another child so we talked about it then we talked about being alert and knowing our surroundings on the way to the office and I told him to pay attention to things I said when you’re by Katie’s house no the street name or know the number no numbers on buildings pay attention to emergency situations when people are not able to respond last name I just found it very interesting that I ran to the office late at night cuz yesterday was like just busy my life has been very busy and very busy some I decided to come in the office to get my wallet knowing I could have grocery shop today but it was easier when I have helped to grocery shop then it is without my mom lives with me so we came to the office to get my wallet long story short once I got tab Bass Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee my two-year-old could tell me where she was she looked at her brother and she commented we’re at Mommy’s job Devon just stopped completely looked around knotted incendium I think we are I was mine blown at the fact that my two-year-old knew exactly where she was and my seven-year-old had absolutely no clue when we drive around I talk about where we are I make comments about where we are how far away from the house I am I talked about street names oh we’re going to 27th and Howard because we have to go that far to get to the pet store or we’re going to the pet store on Whitnall Avenue different things that aren’t I expect my seven-year-old to pick up but you doesn’t there is no self-awareness there’s no there’s no it’s all about him mentality and he has a five-year-old mentality and even if 5 year olds wouldn’t be so to their surroundings which brings me to today at back2basics Brothers we walk in with groceries in hand for the office we put them down on the table and I asked him to run to my van because we’re not finished and I asked him to get my coffee so I go down the stairs he comments that macera’s in the parking lot I know macera’s in the parking lot okay perfect and I come back up the stairs Midway and I’m like okay I should not be able to get to the office and back and jevons not even in the hallway so I try to head back downstairs angevines already back into the building well let’s just say the bus came in and says there’s a complete stranger in my van long story short and this stranger was talking to my child’s in the van and my child was completely comfortable with this stranger had absolutely no fear of a stranger no discernment that something was wrong with the situation I don’t know how to process this as a parent I’m very alarmed I’m very frustrated my feelings are hurt like where did I let my child down and we’re how did I not do this right we had to call 911 this is a frequent flyer he’s already back out on the streets and there is a History has mental illness with this individual and its individual was known as a frequent fire to the hospitals around here we do know that there is obviously a history of mental illness there is a history of irregular behavior is there is a history of craziness from this individual and I freaked out and I’m still taking back at the situation and how my child was okay with us but a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee the reason and purpose for this story it’s for you to know that we stress safety we stress the safety of children we stress the safety of families and at Back to Basics Builders we provide 100% free consultation with a free estimate and the purposes we want to talk through a remodeling process we want you to know what’s going to change we want you to know what to expect and if you’re truly prepared for this we always exaggerate Safety First here at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want your families to be safe and we want us to be safe we want everybody to be stable and to understand that change will occur and sometimes we walking to situations very ill prepared and not ready and then we realized Aaron it’s too late and at Back to Basics Builders we want you to be prepared we want you to know that changes here it comes it happens and we’re here to help you through that ads Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling in Milwaukee we are here to better serve you A back-to-basics Builders we’re here with the 15% lower rate than any other company in the business you provide a free estimate I know hundred percent free consultation our number is 414-460-0075 please give us a call and schedule your free estimate today you can also reach us at www. Back to Basics fill out the contact page and we can go ahead and schedule call you for your scheduling of your free estimate I got to base its Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee over here to better serve families we’re here to support families and we’re here to help them through the remodeling project we are excited to hear from you soon.