Let’s go finish painting Sage you can sit in that chair I’ll get a new chair do let me be Center Channel I already said no that’s fine I don’t get glitter all the way dry yet Siege Andrea green now hey see if he’s a lot when I was nervous I don’t know I haven’t had one all very very very long time maybe I put they 2 I like mac and cheese. Look up 1 basement remodeling Milwaukee? 100 – Sokka. Clear monster suit.

Testing testing. What’s up?  I already painted my room a couple times actually I really enjoy the detail that it takes to like complete it. The first time you’re done to my parents house I am just so pretty see in my bedroom there was like a Cheerio wallpaper and so I think it would so I ended up I left you can kind of see family after his walk the row down where it was so I painted the bottom half of my room I believe across the entire room so I painted the upper portion of my walls a hot pink basement remodeling Milwaukee. And then I painted the inner center part where the previous wallpaper was like a dark brown. 4 the cool thing about that was that it was actually like chocolate paint so I could make right on my walls and not have it like be like I was wrong I don’t think I ever really wrote on it all that much though so it was kind of like something cool that like we decided to do why I take Raven rating I thinkBut I obviously liked it for the time that I painted it that specific color.

I was right up my alley. But I grew out of it eventually it was like there’s like some monkey thing that I really liked at the time that’s what he said that I’m sorry but if you’re making somebody feel uncomfortable that doesn’t give you the right there’s this thing it’s called being a person being human and you have to take into consideration other people’s feelings when you can’t cuz I’m that’s crossing over it like not only being disrespectful to your employees but also disrespecting your clients that are paying for their paychecks we’re looking for a reason. I wasn’t sitting in there is Warren going back to job site well good forward for sticking up for himself and I got Brandon if that was him I feel like he may have taken it into his own so I did that that was one of my first painting project I believe that I can make at least your call. And then that’s kind of like when I discovered I liked painting so it feel like when you make new painting a big room you’re going to need to like get a few things before you start a project basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Obviously the first thing you’re going to want to do is are you looking up the video camera oh my gosh on the first thing you’re going to want to do is obvious to pick out your color. Did you really first one so you’re not pick up your paint color. I always like mine are just the closest hardware store to my parents growing up so we use Menards typically. We will go there and usually kind of usually have an idea of what color like whether it’s a green or blue or white or gray and you’re going to kind of like have that mind you’re going to go to Menards find some swatches that you like but you’re not going to want to pick it out right away. You’re going to want to bring them home so what you going to do then is in some places 2 will give you samples like a little like but yeah so like you can go home and you’re going to want to like something speak them on the wall because then you can look at the light. So you got a lot of places like the penny in the room make it like different light basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Coming through so a lot of people tend to like paint their samples on the wall to see how the light reflects off the. Because a lot of times people skip this table they might take out of color that has like see like a purple or like a pink undertone to like a white or gray and then when they like paint their room that color they’re not going to like it because a lot of people aren’t looking for like a pink undertone room. And so that’s kind of like my suggestion is just to bring it home and see how it looks in the space and then I was either going to want to go back to Menards to pick up the paint basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And while you’re picking up the paint That’s What I suggest that you should get some brushes oh that’s what we told her she should put her house is under there.Once you go to pick up your paint you’re going to watch pick up a variety of brushes I would suggest. Because you’re in need some for edging in you’re going to need some for I’m just rollers obviously we’ll make it go a lot faster. That’s why I recommend getting a couple angle brushes a but I like having a bunch of hours cuz sometimes they get gross and you might need a new one. And definitely different likes link sandals because sometimes you have to be tighter spots and having a longer handle will make those a lot easier it’s okay that’s kind of like my other suggestion. And my final suggestion for like paint H2 group of people a little make a call a lot faster and it’s a lot of fun light painting with family and friends. I am painting my room a few years ago after the pink and brown. Call us today for any basement remodeling Milwaukee services today!