If you’re somebody that needs basement remodeling Milwaukee then you are in the right place because you have one of the best remodeling companies around right here in Milwaukee. Back to Basics Builders is based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin and we are here to provide you with the best remodeling services in the entire area and the surrounding communities. Hear It Back to Basics Builders we have a strong passion was taking houses and turning them into homes for people. We take pride in what we can do the excellent remodeling then we provide that is accentuated by the incredible customer service the incredible value that we provide to go along with our high-quality construction work. You can see if my Google reviews that we are definitely the highest endospore reviewed Remodeling Company in the Milwaukee area.

So if you’re in Milwaukee and you need a basement remodeling Milwaukee, then you want to give us a call for sure. We can not only do basement remodeling but we can also do kitchen remodeling bathroom remodeling and anything else in between including custom renovations to your house wherever needed. We have done things such as enlarging windows for people and turning Windows into patio doors, built-in bookcases, installed basement bars or wet bars we’ve also installed movie theaters, built-in sound systems and even or walk-in a rain shower in the past for our customers. We believe that whatever you can dream, we can do it and we’re here to make sure that we provide you with the home you always wanted.

Also, you’re lucky that you live in Milwaukee because you have a Remodeling Company right here in town that not only does basement remodeling Milwaukee for everybody that needs it or any other sort of high-quality remodeling project, but if you feel like you may need to consider doing yourself, then hold up because we have financing available as well. We have partnered with a company that can help you find financing for those who qualify in addition to that we also offer several different incentives to help him make it easier on your pocketbook.

First of all, when you come to Back to Basics Builders, we’re going to make sure that we provide you with your constipation or estimate for free. We don’t charge for this and we provide a good old-fashioned consultation in which we show up talk to you about your vision assess the situation and give you an accurate quote and on top of that we leave you with the free gift before we go. In addition, all that we also offered to beat any of the competitor’s prices by 15%. You won’t find a more affordable high-quality remodeling service anywhere so if you live in Milwaukee then definitely take advantage of it.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you and the high-quality remodeling that we can offer to turn your house into a home to make sure you give us a call a 414-460-0075 or you can go to our website first and check out the high-quality photo gallery of the work we’ve done in the past and read through our customer testimonials as well at homeremodelingmilwaukee.com.


Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | How We Got Our Start.

Here at Back to Basics Builders, we got our start A few years ago right here in Milwaukee. This company was founded by a couple that didn’t have a desire just for doing basement remodeling Milwaukee but I had a desire to serve others. After remodeling their own home and doing such an incredible job with his construction skills and her Keen Eye for design, that many other people came to them to remodel their house as well. That’s when they had the idea to turn into a business and now back to basic Builders have become the leading Home Remodeling Company in Milwaukee. We can apply the same high-quality construction and Keen Eye for design to your home as well. We have a strong passion for taking classes in turning them into homes for our customers Oh, just as we did our own. Our first priority is to serve others now on our second priority is remodeling.

When it comes to the services that we can provide, we can do basement remodeling Milwaukee projects and we can do anything from kitchen remodeling to bathroom remodeling and anything in between including custom Renovations throughout your home. We feel like that if you can dream it, we can do it for you right here Back to Basics builders. We did customer Innovation such as enlarging windows or turning them into patio doors we’ve also done built-in bookcases, walking rain showers and even extensive projects such as in-home movie theaters and built-in sound systems throughout the home.

Since we started adding a few years ago, we have grown from doing Simple basement remodeling Milwaukee jobs to doing all these kinds of projects. We can now also offer you financing, so if you need help financing your project, we have a limited partner for you they can help you get the financing you need if you qualify. We also try to make it as easy and hassle-free on you as possible by doing things such as providing today proposals instead of waiting weeks to an over a month that you will get with some other larger companies. We also make sure we concentrate on little things like leaving the site clean every day before we leave and when the job is over and we also have come to expect the unexpected so nothing throws us off course and extended duration of the project.

We also have some wonderful incentives so if you’re interested in taking us up on our offer but free estimate and consultation process along with a free gift and give us a call. We’re also going to make sure we offer you the cheapest rates in Milwaukee because we can meet any competitor’s price by 15% and it makes our high-quality working incredible value.

If you’re interested in what we can do for you and your home to make sure you get in touch with us today a 414-460-0075 or you just go to our website at any time at
homeremodelingmilwaukee.com where you can find customer testimonials that can tell you what wonderful work we’ve done and also check out the photo galleries for yourself.