Okay so it is Monday morning and I think there’s an orientation to do today but that shouldn’t be too bad hopefully I get to go to that one because I do like enjoy going to the estate has me a little bit more experience in the field.  give me some more experience on the field and then I also get to interact with clients which I think is a good thing especially if they’re going to call in the office during the week I’m enormously just like to know the office every once in awhile I look here I am going to try to try to 5 a day this week I’ll just to see where we’re at see the week of 672 what would we have here the week of 614 see you we just keep in track there over the past four weeks you’ve been 90 so we get the 10 lb 100 so we’re definitely paste if I go to my mail.  basement remodeling Milwaukee cancel my go to my mail we will see artifact so I think it’s I think it’ll be nice to have a picture was not automatic out just because that’s essentially what it is like now and I could spend of the Lakes Church in the picture comes up right go to NBA scores we’re going to 5 I was looking up 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.

The tiny if I look at the scores and see where we’re at.  I can the to the to 2 too too young Ian has had 34 points and 12 rebounds but see PJ Tucker to go game of 13.7 really hard but nobody wants to admit that people just think it’s fine but you just playing really hard tough defense Miss playoff defense I basement remodeling milwaukee don’t really know what other people expect you know Yeah I’m just going to the calendar up I don’t think I need to have.  I don’t I don’t think Habra close Pictures of pretty good thing to have see Chris Middleton kind of what they said stacked older sister that’s cheap in 41 minutes at 19 points 8 rebounds what does a rebound see all set for sis and at see he won’t get eight assists and four rebounds for the housing estate.  2000s take a hillside I want to get them to see him playing well especially cuz he started the series so poorly I’m full of gas stats right now for the playoffs I don’t like people like like they hate on Christmas.

In my feels like fall asleep some people do but I also don’t think he’s as bad as other people think so if we look at his okay I won’t even let me look at his playoff stats unfortunate Polaris I got to go to the 12 total for this year in the playoffs he’s playing 8 games shooting 43% 37 % for 3 which is actually pretty leave.  basement remodeling Milwaukee see what else she has to go to the averages are than it really tell me the averages which is kind of annoying I can see that he is playing pretty well he’s playing better than he did last me to last year look at the playoffs Marxist Mark yellow to walk in the door the bad question dude see Pat connaughton head 8.36 to Ramon’s Bryn Forbes had 10 5 / 36 has four assists and eight rebounds and what 20.8 points which I do I don’t people I expect more out of number 2 but it is what it is especially if we look at that guy look at a holiday we can see that tongue and marking out of here so there’s that basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m with a C.

I’m just going to take that part out because it’s whatever he was 2 time all defensive 1 time all star  there is something else yeah I got to work something out he only does he can only walk through it after hour or so I got to work something out in cats Bobby Portis 1 played in with 12 minutes yesterday didn’t do much but for the Nets Stan Smith shot 43% from the field.  paste Frank nacci I think it’s just going to get hotter throughout the day basement remodeling Milwaukee the cigarette smoke shop 34% 3 they still can’t hit free throws size cut it. They won the turnover battle which is good Demon stats sheet with free clothes but it was not the song that she swept but the number one see Denver Nuggets which is kind of surprising to see Devin Booker’s play on his mind Chris Paul Winfrey crazy with 37.7 assist undo everything to the senior 12.7 Ramones on the cow Bridges is pretty good for the Nuggets Michael Porter Jr 20 points for Yvonne’s Nikola jokic weight 22 + 11.

Only probably needed a little bit more out of him basement remodeling Milwaukee Wilburton at 25 Hughes delete all the teams League score on campazzo congrats I just hope I can get there cuz I think they can be pulled Philadelphia and Hawks for game 4 also the jails are leaving the Clippers to it 1 what see what happens there’s a center definitely let some time off no that will be going to be at the Clippers or the the Jazz see the Clippers won new Saturday.  the 1 130 to 160 all like the blank sheet sure I’ll look I hope I end up words I’m just going to say all George had a good day today basement remodeling milwaukee too I think the next Bucks game is the thing it’s going to be on Tuesday tomorrow to watch that and see where we go from there other than that though scheduled photographer we mailed in the permit on the 2nd of June so. I looked an their were no leads this morning so that is kind of depressing wow it is going to get slow which is not good at all. If you have any questions regarding our services, or pricing, please reach out to us today! We work hard to help our clients get the fully remodeled basement they deserve! Call us today.