So is this one so no problemI’ll cancel Chapman I was just calling right now if you need the time small price to pay for salvation do he’ll show up with a look at it too stupid while she wants basement remodeling Milwaukee knocked down I wouldn’t I still want to go to Chapman tomorrow true that’s the one that ruined our sweatpants day that’s how I remember Chow oh yeah true I’ll bring a change of clothes we get a half day did you wear comfortable clothes everyday right so what I’m only wearing functional clothing Bill Klein build fun maybe not professional but they’re fine you can get a nice pair of sweatpants I look really good I know I saw it looks really nice what’s a referral to say you bailed on us the first time that we will never reschedule yeah we cuz you wouldn’t reschedule right it so he bailed on you especially when he said that it was also wasn’t there and basement remodeling Milwaukee then he your mailbox is full yeah that’s annoying.  so just for future reference.

How would you like to hold grudges oh yeah all about who wrote the song. We have all this on The View just keep going through here it is Thursday I’m trying to see what I all have on this I keep forgetting I have these estimates but it is what it is what right Yeah I might buy my desk Mercedes 1 season the blue inside of that one center point of contact oh yeah the coolest one in the purple ones 55 line have to do something with purple I really don’t know what that be pacific bugs phones not too bad do the custom ones mean you can find let me know Open today but I don’t know why I’m getting the headache annoying me but it is what it is this is where we’re at. I like North Wauwatosa Hey how did my picture turn out from Ruby the drawing that I did did you have to change also everything else is good Ice Age using a little bit you know 30 make everything go to the same way as well as dark through all of it is facing this basement remodeling Milwaukee way yet supposed to 30 being upside down here is upside down 7 is 23 is that way for you all make sense when you’re going to keep turning it over gotcha you going to have something don’t your Lunchable okaysage the mage using this church reference color of sage leave another one.

Yeah there’s that good for him SEPTA Mauricio show up to I wasn’t that’s better than what I probably could have done he gets rewarded cuz tomorrow if you want to go to the parade which I’m sure he would he’ll take that opportunity to leave early right it should be Thursday yeah so it’s Abby tomorrow at some see it as like the Bucks people are saying that’s going to be tomorrow because Friday Middleton and Jrue Holiday have to go to Tokyo for the Olympics solo probably do it tomorrow but I’m guessing it’ll be midday yeah it’ll be like midday probably yeah I’m just I’m trying to think like if I have nobody to go out like if I have nobody to go with me and I don’t know how much fun that babe last time you guys inside at work font that I break well Kyle Mimi so claustrophobic know basement remodeling Milwaukee where you put me I was literally like where am I immediately went to panic mode as soon as I couldn’t like it off right away I was like I was like I’ll work on it and then my brain once I get out no waiting like my life was at risk Berry alive right there.

 I was so scared are you just that I think I almost kicked Kyle I didn’t even realize he was that close oh my gosh cuz the real loud.  to take it off and explain what you did wrong and you got. Warren and or is like dude you got to shut up Why within the first 2 weeks of being here what’s good I miss Ramon and gray is certainly inquisitive take I know he hasn’t had any Carpenter experience and that’s probably his biggest Jack against Innis.

oh that’s my biggest concern with him seems to have the right attitude I’m more useful than hammer drill that I Like You by the way it’s my favorite things so you can send basement remodeling Milwaukee me the job site when the hammer drill needed the only one that’s the only thing I’ll be doing true I need a new any a drill for my chair nothing looks bad all right I think it’s afternoon Mark I would think it’s like noon to 1 in that area Thor we have an estimate at 9:32 but then that might be it for me highlight basement remodeling Milwaukee I will maybe there’s no chance you would enjoy that I’ll be up there nope Mackenzie was talking nonsense how are you leaving what time you leaving Sarah see the proposal at noon and we have an estimate at 2 so I’ll be here till 1:30 well I’ll go over to work in cuz that was my plan I got the wood so I’m over go over there anyways all right are you going to that you want to go to the parade tomorrow my son wants to go so I thought I’m going to show my age now I do remember them winning the championship tell your kids or what how old is your son is the youngest one so we’re not first one in 2010 so I remember that pre-packed mark. It really is only calories in vs calories out that is the only way you will lose weight but hey what do i know i just lost 40 pounds or that is what you are supposed to do that would be crazy.