Here we go I’m going to heat up my lunch I don’t really know see what I got like a I like a mini steak and sausage soup turn off hiccups for a minute if we keep going what’s the row right now on the thing okay basement remodeling Milwaukee. So if I’m a little hungry but that’s just cuz I’ve been eating as much today while you were looking for a burp red he has no stat fees 3rd prospect that you can smaller we can see where he’s at this year I’m a Double A’s got four starts we are in strikeouts in 17 Innings walking a lot of guys your age 4 to 4 but I’m at the z r a proves then there’s no reason to think his minor league career has been pretty good if we go to Mario Feliciano am I know you did played with Bruce he did score 1 run cuz he got walked out different this year Nashville he is not playing well though I’m so four hits in 12 games and 20 Kelly is a prospect I really like I haven’t seen him in a while I thought we was playing in the mud dad says last time playing you struck a lot of guys but could be a Josh Hader replacement air in Ashby is still you are at see how warm this food is did 14 seconds all do fork and knife ready little kids stuff in steak fry some serious so basement remodeling Milwaukee.  if you look at here in Ashby this year in Triple-A

He’s got 392 we are a 20 Innings he has an appointment average 197 28 strikeouts so that looks pretty good Milwaukee problem though so what does pretty high so what the see that pretty Zamora can we drop in the last year stats this year Single Ladies go 300 on-base percentage is not hitting great but Jason Carroll don’t know what’s going on and where do Garcia cut header but it’s going to go to the he’s also struggling hit the ball so Tristan lots of 22 I thought he’s older than that but he’s also double A this year he is sitting to 44 he’s got some basement remodeling milwaukee  good power so I’ll meet up with a guy to keep an eye on Luis Medina. No match for him cuz Rodriguez this year and high 8-ball is playing with Ethan all right. Grey is not bad my food is warm enough now do you have like a little sausage run like a little steak song I can definitely I look up my phone is at 10% I would even used it I’m sick of this phone charger I don’t know why my phone sent that situation but here we are keep going lock my food for lunch 3 ounce steak cut up steak I’ll be like 3 oz tell me where you at we could just do add flank steak, 4 oz of whatever that’s fine add food you look like a little cut the chatter broader that let’s go this way

I’m a fat in there but nothing too crazy just a little bit of carbs so so far we’re doing pretty good if this is the food that I hope my phone charger there goes I just don’t touch it there that’s all right so it’s charging good to see Mom basement remodeling Milwaukee. We keep looking we have I don’t know what words to do I don’t think so Center in Dropbox I seen him I just don’t know where.  if we keep going I’ve been seeing a lot of people coming through I just great to see Zac Brown who I have interviewed AAA struggling in a while but Henry also interviewed him and double-a this year he is he’s looking all right better than Feliciano Cali I like that pic  great. Great and AAA right now something great like Thomas Dillard nothing but anger and see where he’s at Star War game good for him I don’t know where he’s at in his 25 year old actually create clean and resume his way into the top 25 so it’s kind of cool to see on Corey Ray at 26 he is still struggling in Triple-A but we have played at Milwaukee this year Clinton Anderson see where he’s at he’s in Triple-A this year in seven games pitched 9.1 Innings pitching pretty well I don’t know what his words hitting stats are a picture no I don’t have them sitting anymore but I just know that that’s so pretty good any pictures on but it is a relief pitcher though he’s in trouble and he’s playing pretty well so good to see don’t file is the 26 ranked

Prospect this year he has never touched David Hamilton never heard of them this year in high 87 good though he’s probably the best basement remodeling milwaukee  I’ve seen my Cabello haven’t heard him in a while create a break Justin topa what she’s been up to 30 years old without a prospect Abner Uribe don’t know much about him but you’re a pretty high so I kind of want to just go to top 100 in the league and see where you guys are at see what we’re doing here last 10 abroad Right winger Franco this year in AAA is heading to 72 he’s a guy he’s ready for the majors I think he’s it yet he’s in trouble and he’s only 20 in German I’m 21. He’s heading really well too I would be nice to see him this year Spencer Torkelson

I thought he’s played in the majors but he’s an I am struggling a little bit but nothing crazy Eye Care Clinic obviously is in Majors right now he was killing it in AAA now in the majors he’s struggling you might get sent back down kettlebells with Julio Rodriguez who is in high a and he’s hitting the cover off the ball so your manners and you’re excited about that Mackenzie Gore Bobby Witt Jr double A he’s got a to 33 average so nothing crazy there CJ Abrams is a guy love you more excited about Brian Hayes on how he’s doing because while he is in the majors but he’s ready for it I think if I rushed him a little bit basement remodeling Milwaukee.