All right so it is 8:15 in the morning and say it’s a little warm in here 70 degrees not going to turn on the air-conditioning because it’s not my job to do it but I just know it’s very hot well I guess this is what it’s going to be basement remodeling Milwaukee. So if I have to work I can look up any team’s top prospects account look up the the Angels top prospects look up angels prospects let’s see what the prospects website gives me select number one Prospect is Brandon Marsh I’m in fuse 22 years old and Triple H the left handed outfielder won’t left handed batting outfielder he’s got good grades everywhere else you stats are Triple A’s getting 183 so not very good with one home run 19 case generally I think you supposed to contact her he’s a guy that can get on base he’s got a lot of raw power but nothing crazy sucking on their list is and is Reid detmers he’s in Double A’s left in the picture looks like he and we all know that the Angels need pitching so basement remodeling Milwaukee.

If we look he’s in double-a the series of five starts 4.5 year a three-strike open 20 innings got some work but looks like he’s a big off speak guy it was fast poison crazy fast because I could deception and you don’t a good mix of pitches I’d Jordan Adams is a right-handed outfielder 21 years old this year high 80 + 310 iPad so nothing crazy please dial Goodspeed when column that 5 to a player but he’s a he’s one of the fastest players that they probably have in their system Chris Rodriguez right handed pitcher isn’t AAA this year he’s generally been kind of up and down in the minor leagues to know how your pictures you’re from the angels to know the 230 area looking pretty good so good for him basement remodeling milwaukee think he’s only what 22 Jeremiah Jackson isn’t single-a ball he’s a guy that above average Runner it says he is see Jody and I was trying to stick at shortstop so what see what he’s got I don’t know what his ass he’s struggling to hit but his estimate time of arrival 2020.  Jeremiah Jackson Chiron Paris is in high table he’s a pretty good hitter he’s got good speed to on that crazy speed so 19 also good for him there’s a lot of beer young prospects that she is is there actor Ian you left him a picture basement remodeling milwaukee .

General he’s been pretty good in the minor leagues especially rookie ball single a fun there is a lot of things going on Oliver Ortega as a guy’s 24 they’re giving him a all of this year one of their players are not doing that great so I don’t know what time I should look at maybe the Orioles yeah adley rutschman is their number one guy Grayson Rodriguez which where she’s at but he’s looking pretty good and 34th starts in the minors it’s got a 230 e r a i 36 in car 89 strikeouts so he can definitely try people out next to be congested nose remodeling Milwaukee nope I’m supposed to use it supposed to the basement remodeling Milwaukee there is kind of stats but it’s good for him to the picture who is also looking pretty good in the minors they will strike a lot guys out if I was a I was a oriole fan I’d be kind of excited about all these guys in the minors lbs he’s a guy that can probably make a difference right away he’s got a pretty decent speed good power for a night of the year other than that though I don’t really know make it like Red Sox look at them Triston Casas is their guy really been 328 this year and 17 games so good to see if Powerstroke is there you can power energy drink Define doesn’t taste as good but I guess it’s going to let your light so that’s good 21 Triston Casas they haven’t expected to come up next year Jeter Downs if it is coming up this year he’s 21 years old pretty well-balanced basement remodeling milwaukee.

Prospect how do you spell fast as pretty decent hour to get on base so he’s a funny guy that Stephanie guy average speed very good baseball IQ Jeter Downs is looking to be like their second baseman of the future they have Jarren Duran please come older guy but he looked pretty it looks like I need to come visit for contact a pretty good is very fast though but the two first two pro season season 70 stolen bases who’s the funny guy that they might just bring up just for some Outfield. How Brian basement remodeling milwaukee.

NADA I’ve heard of this guy’s in double a nice picture pretty well so you know the top 5 prospects for the Alfred prospects for the Red Sox especially Gilberto Jimenez the guy that they probably pretty excited forward I would be if I was on that team for the get the Cubs I don’t know what the Cubs really have nobody I know anymore the Marlins are always a team that has some pretty interesting create interesting prospects Sixto Sanchez comes in no he is sick to Sanchez things so tomorrow is not playing right now though he’s only 22 I’m at Meijer another picture so leave India’s yeah I know he’s a guy that people are excited about noise and then mobygames is someone that’s supposed to be pretty good the power basement remodeling Milwaukee. Definitely not enough words so im just going to keep typing and making things up until i feel like i have enough words because why not it should be fun to make the longest run on sentence of all time too bad i cant type without looking. If you’re ready to get started give us a call today! We are so excited to start working with you and show you what we can do!