$900 and you can’t even show up on time font money just to get on the insurance those were the papers that you’re always bought that you’re bothering him about yeah that’s.  basement remodeling Milwaukee you okay there it is when it did the inspectors call back probably not free keep going to hook up who should be on the a see all NBA all-defensive and over key will see it’s the first team to have jokic Yiannis Jimmy Butler which is kind of surprising Steph Curry and Damian Lillard was probably not a bad choice for those 5 Jimmy Butler I guess but definitely be honest if you don’t it doesn’t make it I will be very confused.  Jimmy Butler probably deserves a special first team weekly tracking I thought she was doing it today we look at the second team they have Joel embiid is the center quite Leonard the forward Julius Randle is the forward which is well-deserving Luca and Chris Paul as the guards something.

I don’t know if we look at what they’re saying I think Julius Randle they were apparently between Zion to Julius Randle be at Julius Randle definitely really well.  basement remodeling Milwaukee that’s a pretty good 13 35 V but see I guess Kyrie was better yet all defensive first team I don’t know how you’re honest with make it if draymont make first-team over yanis how be thoroughly surprised so first thing they have drew holiday Ben Simmons Jimmy father reminded Rudy gobert second team they have let’s see dwelling be the honest Fuji mikal Bridges and Matisse thybulle I could see that I got see what your Iman stats were cuz there’s no way he should be all defensive team was not good I’m First Team all of your cubicle Melo Anthony Edwards Tyrese Haliburton the Immanuel quickley and jae’sean Tate all those guys.  if we look at the second in their City Cafe Desmond Bane Xavier Tillman Isaiah Stewart basement remodeling milwaukee

And campazzo to become interesting to see don’t know why Draymond Green would be considered defensive players or defensive first team will be on us if we go to his stats he had a very weird looking statistical year 778 okay if we look at his per hundred he’s got a pretty good defensive rating not going to lie as well as it to -4 next to Jonas the sea who has the better numbers if we look at that / 100 4 100 youngsters at 107 and Tremont is at a Middlesex of Dreamin has them there if we look at the only honest is dance numbers in Germantown of 3.3 defensive box plus minus Ian has had a 2.6 Soldier models have on there I guess 3.31 s

hares Rihanna’s and how many add reminder to had a better statistical year defensively if we did totals which I’m kind of interested in 72 Steals and 73 blocks I’m feeling a dream and he had Hunter five Steals and 52 blocks all right I guess he can get it look at the Rookie of the Year we have a Melo versus essentially.  basement remodeling Milwaukee if we look at games played Anthony Edwards at 72 compared to the Melrose 51 of 15.7 points per game and they were 10-19 44 42% shooting on Milo’s was on 43 so nothing that crazy there 35% from 341 a low 33 for Edwards little bit more efficient 2.9 says I think when I light a lot more than that 6.1 the three bones bones to then I can’t words if you look at totals I think Anthony Edwards at 1300 points see what 800 + 381 steals 18 blocks and Theodore Ted 82 Steals and 36 block 211 assist Bill’s put different position so there’s that 313 Turner to Ramon’s the Anthony Edwards had more rebounds in him he did his look at his per 100 use a 1/16 defensive rating which is not good when I light a 110 she’s also not.  what if we look at the advancement numbers when I will head a 17.5 per which is not bad at all well if the Edwards had a 13.9 0.1 shares well when Milos was 1.2 point eight so I probably should get it but I like Anthony Edwards better basement remodeling Milwaukee. He was the first pick overall if we look at other rookies from the year basement remodeling milwaukee.

On the top scoring rookies at see and second place was City Pay but they definitely won’t give him the award all Rockies win shares actually Isaiah Stewart ID they won’t give it to him I got that sneaky could get it would be Tyrese Haliburton I think his numbers look a little bit better box plus minus it’s pretty pretty interesting to see the caliber I should get it but because I won’t give it to him I need to play more games so there’s that. See I didn’t have to ask I’m going to sneeze her my ears cuz the microphone it’s with we look at Boston’s all I got Desmond Bane play for he was driving by Boston played for the the Grizzlies and I know you shooting guard but that’s exciting got picked right out of the TCU I didn’t know he was playing dad was a All-Star in the NBA what McKenna Martin jr. good to the Thunder played out of high school apparently basement remodeling milwaukee  I forgot that they were still doing that if there’s anybody else will be typing those kind of who is -1 chairs let’s see what’s the forecast Red Scare used wooden chairs as well as well as okay Cassius Stanley sorry to see that that’s what I said no I found it at the believe I said it was but I was not like super sure so I don’t want to say the 7th and have it not be this up.  right. If you have any questions for our staff regarding our pricing what services we can provide, how long the project may take, please give us a call today. We will gladly answer any and all of your questions! Call us today by dialing this phone number at 414-460-0075.