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Lets talk her vs him décor have you ever met a couple and their home looks like a bachelor pad or the walls are covered in glitter paint and floral wallpaper like who wears the pants right lets get down to business her lets talk about who make final decisions in the home remodeling process I know I always mention back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee loves to foster the priorities of all family involved including grandma who may come and babysit the kids but lets who was that one designer that worked with sears to help families in needs my goodness what is his name I loved his bedding in a bag then again my first home was very simple and didn’t take much to decorate it reminded people of a little doll house it was once an attic so most people had to duck to get through the hallway and into my house I loved it but let me tell you it didn’t look like a single woman lived in it the house was cozy walls blue and the furniture was black with oranges and reds I loved it so much but then I looked at others and I just saw flowers and hearts and quotes and then the café styled décor in kitchens killed me it was all too much at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we love to encourage balance of the two designers nice neutral natural foundations with accents of color from each ty Pennington was his name I remember I loved that show he always did for others what I wonder is if the taxes were more than a mortgage payment I sometimes wonder what happened to him anyways the thought of two horrifying people constantly disagreeing in a home over a new remodel is chaos it’s not even organized and its not something people look forward to working in so please encourage each other and let each other know what you expect out of the remodel and please discuss your budget prior to your estimate you don’t have to let back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee know first thing as we walk in the door for an estimate but it is something you should know what may also help through your remodel is a spokesperson someone who can answer the questions that may be urgent adding a change in design it helps to know who laborers will go to and who they discuss changes with there are some things that happen that are not in a builders control any ways lets talk about how feminine is the décor vs how manly the décor may be im definitely more masculine in my style than I am feminine I love to add color and on occasion some glitter but with limits I used a lot of color in my daughters room she has a lot of pinks and greens oranges and greens.

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She’s a feisty one shes definitely a free spirit and wild at heart I love it and in the boys room well there are the same colors because they come along with avengers and DC there is no between we all have to add color to the rooms however my room is mellow it is definitely the most neutral room in the house grey furniture red and grey bedding with gold accents I love it then well we know my bath and kitchen need work as we know those are some expensive remodels so lets start looking at different agreements that some couples may have made with us in the past at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee is design left to the man and décor to the woman is it the color agreed upon and structure is also agreed upon how do you divide up your space and remodel process I know when we are adding things to our home my husband has no part in the process he never openly discuses possibilities or wants he nods and watches television so I make the home for me and the kids and I enjoy it and maybe he really doesn’t care but I always wonder why is it that all the time I have to have someone come into my home and add to it I wish my husband would use some of his gifts and talents and be a handyman now as I have mentioned before my friend struggled with cleaning a basement bathroom so I guess it all about perspective at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it can be about perspective and that is where we come in with options to adjust to me I rather not argue and just make decisions and one day cabinets show up never mind I didn’t have the muscle to demo so now we have double the material and no space I just crack myself up or the time I took the bed apart and put it in the basement and my little guy had to sleep on the floor because his bed took two days to put together or the day I bought a gallon of paint and moved all my babies stuff from her room those were some moments I have also dropped a queen size mattress down my stairs to get it to the lower level while I was pregnant to restructure the first floor as I was having a c-section and wasn’t able to go up and down stairs but three times a day and I used that for my baby boy and dusting days we made him a playroom and bedroom using the whole top level of a bungalow then we were able to move in a three bedroom duplex at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and we do encourage it however we do not encourage the disputes that may come along so again we do advise all parties involved to continue through this process with positive mind and open to options so please contact us soon with your plan and let us know who does what and why your estimate is on us