Can’t we also have always right Yes I looked up the background of a of a movie or I’ll be and what kind of background would you want for the videos probably nothing too crazy on my funko’s are probably really cool background imma make you look at some I might be able to get some whenever I would say I’m the one thing I do want to look up right now real quick is if I go to MyFitnessPal all right those little insane sneezing I just keep looking right there on my will see how much crab when it comes to food I want to see what we’re at 4 West Indies song 7 Days of an average of 53 carbs and 43 and 1/8 of a cup so if we go to What’s 7 new 53 blue 3 go to 26 + 43 never 26 + 43 is apply to we definitely need to get a little bit lower and I don’t know where basement remodeling milwaukee.

Ever know we look at today make me go all the way up if we go to say where 28 which isn’t a bad numbered at all not to laugh at I just don’t know what I would have for dinner I could probably do a cheeseburger for dinner I’m with no no no sauce no nothing I can do the burger I want about 600 calories will see you I mean I’ll get home I’m a little snack and I should be able to go back to a So we’re going here if we look at a basic basement no idea I don’t really get this maybe it’s so the dog doesn’t go downstairs but there’s a little gate at the stairs I think that’s kind of dumb I would not put that there the black railing in the hardwood floors hardwood stair floors look pretty cool we also have the carpet tile for the dog that’s really good idea by pretty basement remodeling milwaukee

Cheap to do carpet tile but good looks and then there’s this little black all that’s kind of cool to black pipe drink bar but I don’t know how much people actually use that I’m if I’m building I would want things usable and makes sense if you look at this one this one has probably some of the coolest pillars that I’ve ever seen it so the pillars the support beams of Delta p You can see that these things have the snow I’m a stone is a cool look that I still think would go away here’s a really cool like office paste it’s like eight more so of a hexagon room than it is a it’s really cool office that somebody could do I’m the way it’s framed in the way on those double double doors coming out with a basement remodeling milwaukee white finish.  if we look at this one, is a very rustic wall, looks like you know you’re happy distressed white washed 3 popular look right now that rustic at the top there what is I know I know I know that’s why I was I was nervous to post again, but but good thing to come out of Facebook today I don’t think messerschmidt would have posted that review if it wasn’t for the Facebook post because she posted one today and it went to her Facebook and Google so that’s cool..  read does nino Lee back of the brain we’ll see though I I learned new things about the algorithm yesterday that we can try to apply first one is obviously want people to like your post and all that stuff but the biggest one is now you can like like or love a post and do all those actual reactions the in the Facebook algorithm that the loves and things like that are worth more to Facebook when it basement remodeling milwaukee.

Comes to pushing your content comment or huge as well as when as exactly spilled a page as well as when you reply to comments on the keep pushing your content that way better it’s not good to ask for likes or comments or shares Facebook doesn’t like that which I didn’t know that until I was doing some research I think it’s all just comes down to being active and posting the video testimonials I’ll post one of those later today before I leave cuz I guess videos are all pretty good thing for Facebook they like the show those so we’ll see I think the one that I’ll post first is the basement remodeling milwaukee beach one cuz he had the coolest project and he had good answers Aaron Aaron H

I don’t know who that was pretty good almost quick and then Bryce Bryce and Jenny Nelson I believe the testimony of those will be the three small today but I only can do so much Dropbox is an app for 8 that you can get on stuff all of the huge start look at the Okay we are still out here I want to seeI mean if we can talk about basement Transformations basement remodeling Milwaukee home we can see that this guy put a bar in his life bar in his a he’s did a bunch of stuff, try one of our best projects we’ve ever done yeah they really only asked for  few extra outlets when it comes to how much the electrician costed it is just ridiculous the cost of some of these things and customers are starting to realize and would rather put can lights in the in the future when prices on lumber goes down. Lumber is just too expensive at the moment. That was definitely on my to do list to finish up and have fun with today because there is nothing else that i need to know how to do because i am an amazing entry level contractor just kidding carpenter. Yeah electricians are very hard to deal with but the prices are just way too high. Give us a call today for more information!