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This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Beep, Beep, Beep, Saturday morning I wake to a pesky alarm. Kids are running in the most chaotic ways: arms flailing feet pounding and dramatic screams I can hear through walls and doors. I let my toes touch the floor as I stretch and yawn. I knew today would be incredible. A few steps to the bathroom and the chaos continued. I stood shaking my head in rhythm with the noise and the thoughts came rushing, “oh where can I find quiet. Where can a full thought process, and dreams begin?” I continued my morning routine as I poured the coffee and started breakfast. It appeared again “where can my dream begin.” I pondered and no thought was fully processed. Until, the moment I started to pick up the clothes from the floor. My basement! A place where spiders spin webs and grunge walls hang. This is what I want to dream of! The chaos faded; I’m dreaming of an incredible top basement remodeling Milwaukee project! I continued through the hall picking up toys of all sorts. Yes, I need a new project, a basement remodeling Milwaukee project. That’s it! I tip toed down the creaky stairs to the basement in hopes of not being followed. I began to walk around and felt, saw and heard what used to be: laughter, joy, peace, song, shagged carpet spruced between my toes, the paneling that once hung, and my grandma walking in with a meal for everyone. The warm feeling of once was has now returned. I dream of basement remodeling Milwaukee. I can see it: the grey natural walls never growing mold again. I see an area rug where kids can play, a dry bar, where my grandma once leaned. I can feel the openness of the room. I can hear the washing and drying machines. This is my dream, basement remodeling Milwaukee. Papa standing with his wife, family sitting about on furniture. The furniture no longer drenched from the down pours of the rain. I walked back to the stairway leading to the house. The thought, basement remodeling Milwaukee could never change what is to what once was. I moved side to side as I awkwardly dodged hanging wires. Sadly, I’m standing at the light switch, my dream is over. I again must turn my back leaving only darkness and the sound of my washer running. My thoughts race, “I can do it! I can YouTube and learn. Why not? Single moms and their kids can do it. why can’t I?” then I remembered, basement remodeling Milwaukee. I have no skill, I have no talent, and I have no God given gift to rebuild what once was. I can only imagine and dream of an incredible space. I can only close my eyes and see her leaning on the bar. I see the tears from laughing so hard and her jet-black hair with long earrings dangling. I can feel her warmth as she brought food into the space. I see the smile from ear to ear as she watches our family eat. I can taste the last meal we shared together; a sub and pizza with special desserts. Her energy ran low the meals became more generic, but her love, always present. I flipped the switch and continued to quietly move up the stairs again, the whisper, “basement remodeling Milwaukee.” It’s possible! Faith began to rise as my feet got louder and my steps faster. That’s it! A moment the light went on. my eyes brightened with joy. I can bring her back. I can enjoy family in an incredible basement where she once was. She once was here with me. She was part of my village. She held me close, I could feel her heartbeat. The comfort of her warm skin. and the motion of rocking put me to sleep most nights. When I couldn’t bear pain, she held my hand. I observed as she watched her youngest enter college doors. I drove with her miles as she met her son who served in the army. The expression of love had a different face. The loss of control and faith was presented with stillness and peace. The day she met her eldest on the outdoor hallway floor as he seized from withdrawal was gut wrenching. She held out her hand in comfort and developed a tough love. The faith and support she had in everyone was indescribable. I watched a woman so selflessly love. She was a woman of faith who sat in the last row of the church yet had the most impact. Her home going was a celebration and honor to present to the community. My grandma has gone to heaven. From her home cooked meals to changing her dining room to a bedroom that held three bunk beds and dressers: she had a great love for everyone. From Jesse Dixon to Gaither vocal band: she worshipped. I can still hear her laugh as she bobbi pinned her hair up sat night for church on Sunday morning: a day that began with everyone smelling like pot roast She was strong courageous faithful loyal and most honorable God fearing. She taught me tough love: how not to be taken advantage of by loved ones. I thank God Back to Basics Builders- basement remodeling Milwaukee brought back the space where her passion ran. Three days after she died, I snoozed my alarm to 5am. I remembered her morphine was to be given on the even hours. I never woke with such panic. I flipped back the covers, ran down the stairs, rushed down the halls, and flung open her bedroom door, only to realize, my Grandmas Gone to Heaven. It was a sad day I cried I laughed I smiled there was sadness and there was joy. I will never forget the day they told me she had two weeks to live. I was still in my uniform home from school my back pack and my coat laid beside me I felt empty I was scared I was alone my grandmas was leaving this earth and she was so happy. I never experienced someone being content with death. I couldn’t bear seeing her hurt any more the cancer took enough of her from us. Allow her this, dignity.