This can be the last one for today because then I’ll be caught up and we got to do a few tomorrow then we’ll also see where we are for the rest of the day if we keep looking at the game from yesterday the Row 3 months price victory for the Rockies but.  what’s for some basement remodeling Milwaukee that’s where we’re at see look at kiner-falefa for the Rangers game they will want one for four adults Garcia 1144 Joey Gallo over a cold. Lillo guitar than he was last year Jordan Lyles I guess it still pitching in the league I didn’t know he was still going like that I know he played for 2018 play for the Brewers in 2019 so that was his best 22 games of his career good for him, basement remodeling milwaukee .

He’s a big key component of the 2019 season for us so I like Jordan Lyles forever those Garcia to get a stolen base send senzatela for the for the Rockies pitched really well, he’s kind of their owns these are days but he’s probably best picture they have I’m not really exciting guy though like that’s your Ace the average what is very up and down let’s go to the Dodgers who blew out the Cardinals yesterday 14 to 3 Walker Buehler it went six Innings 3 or ground chuck of 8 where is a a piece of mail from American Solutions basement remodeling milwaukee let’s see where that is.  girls Martinez really struggled yesterday give 10 earned runs in two innings the fact that they left them in there that long is kind of ridiculous looking to start a relief pitcher once it’s just interesting to see how they use him 2017 Adidas release going to become something so two-time All-Star

I guess you’re welcome to look at the wind and then a couple other guys but if we look at the rest of the lineups and I went 1 for 2 and they got subtitle scene with Goldschmidt so there’s a lot of guys that like just came in the game because the rest of the lamp New Key by 23 for 4 with two RBIs hit a double Cody Bellinger hit a homerun in his first game back of the season six RBIs which is going to end say maybe it wasn’t his first game back but Justin Turner 142e and RBI Max Muncy hit go over for what he did walk once it’s go run Gavin Lux went 1 for 4 with a walk and strike out the tailor 142 mckinstry don’t really know much about him but he got the rbi’s Walker Buehler actually got a couple Army ISO create huge game for the Dodgers over the basement remodeling Milwaukee Cardinals if we keep looking at the next game which would be the last game was the A’s beat the Mariners Sean minaya the win when he threw a complete-game shutout so what a great game from an IO the free phone picture what I like watching some and I up but he’s very good in 2018 and injury-plagued 2019 last year was last year the sea looks like he’s back to being what shop and I was supposed to be see you in the word don’t the kids Awards we don’t want a l picture of the month clear the basement remodeling milwaukee week in April 2018 which would have been the year that I said he was very good the rest of the mark Hannah went 1 for 3 with three RBIs how much more than hit a homerun of RBIs in their meddlesome 1344 please turn it up a little bit Matt Chapman and not but he did go to 430 match having it I mean the defensive guy usually is someone that gets the ball in a lot of power not always great average but great defensive players was Matt Olson.

The goals and strangely the better header look at the merge right now enable decide 250 so Olsen is a gold Glover I think happened is as well so they spent remodeling Milwaukee. That is not what I was going to say we are at basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m at Chapman that he was an All-Star in 2019 and a Gold Glove winner so last image of Scotty you supposed to be like of star coming out of the and the Cardinals system in 2015 I’m going to 20 16 that thought they were going to start at the stoplight old and in 2018 is a good year but that’s what head I don’t know what the hot word is but there is that and we can look at the Mariners you only got shut out for his shut up Mitch haniger going to hit Mayfield got two heads on Tom Murphy Jacob Nottingham is their th their team is a joke when it comes to batting average open the door I put on a great game to the Mariners I really want to know who was the worst MLB team last five seasons probably the Mariners we look at the worst teams all the basement remodeling milwaukee.

Seven Dwarfs movie franchise of the past decade here we go and see where they’re at of course the Yankees are some of the best versus Padres yeah but they’re better not Baker’s florist in the way the Brewers been that bad versus the Rockies Rockies jerseys clear consider when the were stuck at the Marlins I could see that camp Mariners probably the worst team I can see the Orioles but the Orioles at least have called Jersey so I look to see where they have two Oreos they have to have one in there Felix man that I’m have to do but oh well that is what it is. If you have questions regarding our pricing, what services we can offer to you, or how the project will go, reach out today! You can reach out by filling out a form on our website or giving us a call at 414-460-0075. Please reach out if you have any questions so we can provide you with a hassle free experience!