Right here we are we’re going to keep going to look at the scores on my to get a text back from anybody my little hair is this like sticking up in the front there’s not much going on there if I need to trim my beard up home if we keep going basement remodeling Milwaukee, I don’t know what else to say after that. Right sofa go to next game the Cubs versus Pirates I had one of the worst plays I’ve ever seen have you guys had a ball with two outs there’s a runner on second and as the first baseman of the Pirates scooped up the ball and it just stepping on the base to end the inning copy by a stopped on the first base line start running backwards on the first base chase them for whatever reason and then Kris Bryant was on second base ran around rounded third basement remodeling milwaukee and then broke her home and as he’s running home to Pirates first baseman try to throw them out.

And if when that happened there’s a wild throw Javy Baez got the first base easy and then when he went to second base cuz you know was bathroom first he made it and it was just the worst play because it just look big first baseman didn’t know how many off there were but we looking at Kyle Hendricks not Lance he got the win Kris Bryant went to 5 he had a very good game this points this point there are some players like I said I’ll be by his went over for the strike out here it’s go run I don’t know how you got on base but he would take over for in West Bend Row third strike Chris Bradley Cooper 5 willson Contreras went to 45 every time I look at this I feel like willson Contreras had a good game.

You have went 1 for 3 here in our behind walk by David Bode 1144 basement remodeling milwaukee Ortega is but a couple guys Eric sogard bullet see Kyle Hendricks in seven Innings three earned runs only five strikeouts Anderson for the Pirates win 5 minute or two runs Rodriguez to pitch for the Pirates he’s always pretty good okay I’m pretty sure he went to 4 4 I always feel like antifreeze in 332 of the year I don’t know what he’s good at but see what team does play for has been on the Pittsburgh since 2016 India has always been a pretty good header last week for a little bit but who didn’t but generally he does really well for the Pirates so he’s good second basement I’ll basement remodeling milwaukee give it to him do that nobody else really played Gregory Polanco for always thought would be really good player you wouldn’t 143 I look at planning stage 29 I remember when he was like a 2014 use a very center of prospect has never really been the header that people thought he was his best year came in 2018-2019 he was hurt last year he didn’t hit good at all then this year he’s really not hidden well is it Go Pro but nothing else really going for him we look at the awards he’s won the see future game selection low class A All Star is also AAA All-Star in 2014 which was the year he saw it and will be time all right next game let’s go to the next teams did Cleveland beat the Tigers Shane Bieber got the windshield of 313 era on the year.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m going to see Shane Bieber went 17 in 2004 and runs to pick up 12 or is he did a lot of pictures that are pictures 103 MI throughout the walls that’s not what this I could have see Cesar Hernandez I don’t know what he’s 31 I feel like he’s going to live forever that’s we play for play for Philadelphia news with a pretty good contact that are so good for him Miller I don’t JT Miller maybe that we might get Owen Miller okay I never heard of him that’s because he’s a rookie this year went to 45 Hanley Nolan campi Hanley Ramirez Harold Ramirez Eddie Rosario en Tu 4 for Jane I don’t really know who that is you she also Ricky no but he’s never been that good of a header so there’s that Sam dahler on how to say the Josh Naylor is the name looks like he’s 23 2019 was the first season and last year he played it wasn’t a trade probably to get I can’t.  basement remodeling Milwaukee Austin with the Austin hedges cut your own a see he played for the Padre see how you supposed to be like a big catching Prospect you wasn’t horrible in 2017-2018 but they’ll find out what you was you was going to be and that is too well for the Tigers Jonathan scope with 144 with an RBI Kill by do 1/3 through strikeouts looks like pictures are starting to catch up to what he can do look at the pictures I didn’t know North pitch to win their comment is apparently still in the league which.

I had no idea 34 East pitcher the Rangers forever Rose a starter in you don’t know how it’s going to leak is not that good of a picture 2014 was his last Financial give on a 2018 he wasn’t horrible with the Giants those is last Good serviceable Year photos of 2014 so probably not a very good player basement remodeling Milwaukee. If you go to the Apparently estimated completion of the Reds Nationals game the Nationals Trey Turner went 1 for 4 he’s so good and he had two stolen bases of course he did Daniel Suarez 1245 well it’s pretty big for him Juan Soto 1143 Josh Bell went 2 for 5 Joshua bullet 144 Starlin Castro went 1 for 3. If you have questions regarding our services, do not hesitate to reach out! Our Basement Remodeling team in Milwaukee is hardworking, transparent and highly trained and qualified individuals. So reach out if you hav e questions!