So here we go we are at another one because why not because I’m on a roll so if we keep looking at the players that are we cleaning doubles we have Rafael Devers and third place has been to 74 in the year probably going 24 years old 3 2021 what you meant to be with 20 I think I usually get in 2018-2019 did Hugh breakout year last year is o p s went down a little bit in the series back up to where it was what is a third baseman basement remodeling Milwaukee if we look at people would see what they are saying about probably didn’t make the All-Star Game I have to look them up because Yelp Devers stats because I don’t I want to say that he made the All-Star game but it looks like he yeah you just want the 2018 World Series so 54 doubles do in 2019 Boston because Boston will pay him last year he was really good with the last year looks like he was really good with the with the Dodgers I’m feeling good.

20/20 one of the best old PS plus he’s ever had in the season create on base percentage and then this year he’s heading down a little bit but it troubles are there the power numbers are there that we look at like the Erie one of Epi think it was what 2018 you basement remodeling milwaukee 29 rods 47 doubles five triples 30 stolen bases I mean the guy was incredible That season and apparently he’s a four-time All-Star World Series a player of the year and BP’s 5 time gold Glover and overall defensive player of the year which is kind of crazy it was his last year they going to last year was second in the league in MVP voting so yeah I would say he’s doing really good Freddie Freeman definitely deserved it he just was that much better on ourselves in a wheel not say his name. We do not agree with what you did the year that saw it see the year that Mookie Betts 1 my truck payment 72nd and Moody about see I definitely has had a better season Yelich was just as good the other one so that’s kind of exciting to see forget what year was yeah it was the year in 2019 were you 44 home yet he should want to be pee that year apparently Bellinger one of his war was better yellow stem this time he would have I don’t know yet.

Just don’t want it is numbered like better in last game so last year and what’s the average was way down because of the shortened season but if we look at this year’s the average is down but he’s our numbers of down with you has been hurt for most of the time they basement remodeling Milwaukee.  and then a guy that I’m worried about is you don’t probably testing hero because ever since he came up from the minors he is been I’m not good if I look up his name on Google the results that you get are not good they’re just like they don’t even know next Random 5 hours ago somebody posted about it exit 127 so it’s tough to watch a time so somebody Levering thinks could be how we do have an off-day on Wednesday so it’s good for him and then the play the Diamondbacks they start Thursday night at me kind of cool to go to a game I would definitely want to go like statistical he’s probably the play one of the worst on defense or offense players in the league but if I look at his defensive plays

I mean did you make a great play at first base which is good for him even though he can’t hit probably can still make it play it we will choose my mail okay I definitely got the Walmart Walmart I’m going to delete that which I have 500 emails don’t know what this so there’s that from Amazon with trash that message let’s see I got one from Nissan below basement remodeling milwaukee course thank you Walmart getting my receipt for picking up I think Japan and told me my order was ready pick up June 4th at 5 p.m. is when I’m supposed to get my iPad fixed because this thing is definitely just broken it is a walking but I don’t have time today yeah Friday seems to be the only day where I’ll have time cuz tomorrow I’m going out to eat and Friday I still need it for work because these really help me.  it really helps me with the you don’t coming up with ideas what I’m supposed to write basement remodeling Milwaukee a phone call  okay $50 schedule all right cool yeah I’m all alone right now All my freak okay that’s my stop your word but if we look out even when I was looking up I think I was at I move my movie review is because I like to do those videos that okay Corral on the numbers are going on the dead I don’t see a family.

That’s not a good movie in the movie is bad it’s like an fun to watch so it’s like a bad it’s a bad sci-fi movie but iMovie I definitely don’t think it’s that good.  well I digress basement remodeling Milwaukee, if you look at more I got more things that are going on I don’t know why my thing is so with zoom been quiet place has a great review friends reunions I don’t Mitchell’s verse the machines I’ve heard is very good looks like it has a what’s a kitty say oh well, looks like it’s an animated movie that’s got a ton of see ratings in ratings for critics and just regular customers in general but other than that I don’t really know what else to say oh my gosh I could just go with one more basement remodeling Milwaukee and hopefully that’s a no, not with 8 rows leaving.