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Hey there strangers, I hope you are have a beautiful Thursday afternoon and enjoying the nice weather while it is here. I know I will be tonight maybe go for a nice run or even walk with the dog especially before it starts snowing. Can you believe it, it is supposed to snow this coming weekend. That is crazy right! Well if not I think so you can call me crazy. But I can tell you we here at basement remodeling milwaukee love this weather and enjoying every little bit of it especially our guys who work in the houses and have to go in and out a lot of day because they will tell you its not fun when it is pouring rain out side and they have to move stuff in and out of the house. However, we are here to talk about kids bedrooms and you may wonder why this topic is todays well because I came across this really nice bedroom and I thought of it to be something from the movies and that was really amazing. And I said if I had a kid I would go out of my way to make it their room because I thought it was amazing and completely original there is nothing out there like and I wish I had a room like this growing up. So I will be describing it what it looks like and the house that it would go in. Imagine a two story house on the outside that is fairly big and deep house you walk in the front door you have the living room on your left that leads to the kitchen and on the right you have two offices for the spouses then you have the sun room straight back and in the front of you have a stairs going up to the second floor where then once you reach the top you have book case in front of you and to the right of the book case you have the master bathroom and the spouses bedroom then to the left of the bookcase you have another bathroom with a game room for the kid that lives there, then after the kids game room there is another room to the right of it down the hall where the guest bedroom is and in this L shape of a hall way you have some small end tables that have mirrors on them.  now I have mention the parents room two bathrooms and a game room and there is a basement in the house with no kids bedroom down there. Now you may be asking well where is the kids bedroom well in let me go into the kids game room real quick and explain what is in there you have a television of course with foosball table and a couple of chairs to sit on and on the walls you have another big cabinet that is part of the wall where you put some games and extra stuff that hangs around the family. I have yet said there was a kids bedroom well I am telling you its not in the parents bedroom either, for those that would be thinking this is not a baby this is maybe a seven to nine year old. Well the next obvious choice that you may be left with would be it is behind the book case and behind the cabinet that leads into the game room. That’s right isn’t that pretty awesome I have yet had anyone ever ask to do something like that here at basement remodeling milwaukee and I think that would be an awesome project we would be making a kids childhood there which sounds like a good days work making someone’s day. In this room he would obviously have his bed and have a desk to do his home work and among others things as a kid would do. Now my goal is to expand peoples mind’s on what could be done with one’s remodeling project, everyone has a limit on to what they think can be done and so do I until I look at everything that has been done and I love to see extraordinary projects like this take place and unfold throughout the process. You never know who you are going to effect and make that persons day or even everyday life and that’s what we do here at basement remodeling milwaukee we take your ideas of what you want and turn them into a reality for the years to come. Now wouldn’t your kid love to have room that you only see in the movies like I Said I would. It would have been amazing to be able to sneak in my room like it is a secret hideout and no body would no where I am in reality my parents would know I was just in my room doing my homework for the next day or even just hanging out in the game room next store to the bedroom and having a blast with my friends and family. So here is one example of many things people do not think of everyday when it comes to remodeling Until I started working for basement remodeling milwaukee I had no idea what could have been or what I could do in a remodel yes there are certain restrictions on certain things due to building codes and things along those lines but if it is in the code there are tons and I do mean tons of different opportunities that come when thinking outside the box and when it comes to our kids we want to give them the world and this is just one way of doing that making there childhood special that no other kid has so next time you want to do a bedroom remodel look for basement remodeling milwaukee and give us a call to help with the extraordinary project because that is what we do here while making lasting memories.