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Hello everyone I hope everyone’s day is going good and quick if not I am sorry that your day is not going well. On other hand ours here at basement remodeling milwaukee has been going by very well. Our two new hires started working today and everything has been going really well with them as we are hearing here at the office they are learning really fast and getting the worked completed which is amazing. Then to top it off our meeting here at the office went really well and might even get a new hire out of today as well. We have been really focused this week getting things done and it is really showing. We are not here to talk about how good of a week we here at basement remodeling milwaukee are having but to discuss kitchen backsplashes. So, let’s get on in to it, first we are going to discuss the many different options you can choose from what they are and more so stay tuned. First we will discussed what the backsplashes are so everyone has an understanding of what they are. So, picture yourself in the kitchen and you see an island in the middle of the kitchen and right behind it you have the kitchen counter going in an L shape around the kitchen wall. The kitchen counter and island all have the same countertop material and design. So the back splash is on the counter that runs along the wall where you have a small amount of material that runs up the wall all the way around the same L shape counter. It usually is the same material as the original countertop. That is just a small version of what a backsplash is. There are many different forms of due to the different countertops people have in their homes. Some different materials that are used in creating a backsplash are a lot like the material that are on countertops so like quartz, marble and granite. There are more different materials than that but these are the usually the ones people choose from. But now getting in to more extravagant backsplash involves a lot more material than on that runs up from counter on to the wall a couple of inches. For example one here that will be describe to you is more extravagant than the rest because it add a whole different perspective to what you can do with backsplashes. So picture a kitchen that has a island and the countertop that is on the island is a marble swirl grayish and white, then you have the counter behind the island that has the same material with a few cabinets that are hanging from the wall now next to the cabinets is the wall and the wall contains tile a white and grayish colors that surrounds the kitchen all the way to the stove but is considered a backsplash due to it being different from the countertop and regular walls that would be in the house if that wasn’t there but it doesn’t stop there either when it reached the stove there is another backsplash and it goes from the stove all the way up to the ceiling and this backsplash are more like diamond tiles going upwards towards the ceiling and then you have the ventilation for the stove which cover part of the wall but on the sides you have part of tile being seen. There are many more different types of backsplash. Here is another type of backsplash the kitchen still has an island with a granite countertop on it and the counter that is behind it has the same countertop as the island which is a dark gray and light brown, so then the counter that is connected to the wall is has the backsplash and it is going up to the ceiling in some places and other going up to the edge of the cabinets and this backsplash is a dark gray tile color and has the grout of being a lighter color that the tile itself and this goes around the wall that connects to the countertops and the walls that are not connected are a plain old white painted wall so there is no tile but just a wall. So you see there are many different types of backsplashes and it all comes down creativity and then the sky is the limit at basement remodeling milwaukee we hare encourage our clients to be creative as possible and we help them to create the vision they see and want to see in their home there are many aspects to designing kitchens and there are many different possibilities that could come about and change the mindset that is constricting you to think just one way we want to open the minds and show there are endless possibilities. So here is another great idea for the people that are looking for ideas to help complete there home projects so you have a countertop that is a gray whitish marble and then you have a cabinet of sort that is open and does not have doors so you have backsplash the goes around the countertop of the wall it goes up towards the ceiling a couple of inches and not up to the ceiling. So, in this cabinet you have a few shelves well the first level of shelf has the backing of the same material as the countertop as well as the side of the cabinet. As being said before basement remodeling milwaukee is a family that looks after their clients because they to become part of our family and we want to make sure that they have all the facts of a remodel and want them to be aware of all their options that they can choose from a lot of times people do not realize there are many, many more designs and beautiful ideas out there that no one has thought about yet so basement remodeling milwaukee tries to enlighten everyone about these kind of decisions.