Hey they’re going to have is a great and fantastic day today we are on Friday the 16th today in April so we’re halfway through the month and you know things are going well for us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and when we discuss a few different things to say when ideas you guys can take in hopefully use for your next kitchen remodel or even just an idea that you can help put yourself in a kitchen to make it more unique Because you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we love covid-19 isn’t different things that we’ve seen over the past years just to give out to families and they can do for themselves I will make it look like you can copy everything that you do movies have a little idea what you can do and some different ideas that might be passed along that you might think are pretty neat and pretty cool that you might want to use for yourself. So first you know we talked about Islands before and you know this is more of a remodel aspect cuz you do need a little couple cabinets in a few things with countertops with depending on you what you were looking for For your project you know there’s a lot of different ideas that you can take from this and you know Islands can range from being small to big and from very long to very short you know some people who used to have a few that are just right behind the sink so you can have a cutting area for your stuff that is pushed over to the sink and do you have that little try and go for your kitchen that people talk about the cooking triangle how do I exactly terminations and stuff like that terminations terms.

So yes we want to make sure that you guys hate get everything you want. And so when we go over it you know obviously islands are kind of unique every different does help with the cooking aspect of things Because you know when you do have that cooking triangle does kind of help out with the cooking aspects of things to do when you’re cooking for a whole bunch of people you can resist go to the sink in your basement remodeling Milwaukee and go to wherever you need for those are spices or whatever it’s next to the stove and you know things like that you know and that’s one of the aspects of a kitchen idea for you guys would you to type kitchen remodel. Next scene is having a waterfall you if you’re looking for design aspect of it you know how powerful is very cool and very unique and very different from everything you see these days.

What do I do apologize I don’t think I said previously read any of the things that we talked about the pasmo kitchens but waterfalls are are the countertops just go straight out of the floor on the side of a counter on the cabinets that way you have that they’re too and you know it’s very unique very different and I can cost a little bit of money to it’s one of the more expensive routes even Island doesn’t cost as much I would like you to figure out how to hold it up whether it’s on a cabinet or not emotional to put on a cabinet or some people actually have been doing a different kind of style with it you know we talked to one of our clients and right now I’ll pass by right now and there’s stuff turned out absolutely amazing is they want the water for the go down but they support poles to hold it up so well we need to figure out what could hold it up first because in order to have it there we need to have it it be able to behold it because it does rely and it can break pretty easily if it’s not supported correctly.

You know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we do take that into account for that if you’re looking for one that we make sure we hear that we do it properly and make sure we do it for you as well we don’t want you guys doing yourselves I was his far job when you hire us do so here basement remodeling Milwaukee with you at all for you from the start to finish the project even if it comes down to you guys want to do the demo the kind of cut off a little bit of stuff or price wise but doesn’t really take that much price out of the result of it. Hear another cool idea is yes looking at Rev-A-Shelf and it’s a very cool website where has many different aspects that kind of help you organize your cabin tree and your spices and stuff like that you know it’s very unique very different here and we do not supply it but you know we do install it into your cabinets because you know here at base Ramada Milwaukee we would have done it correctly so you don’t have to come back to us and pay more money for something in the long run later on when it’s not needed when we can do it all at once you know your basement remodeling milwaukee.

What do we do make sure all our clients are getting exactly what they want throughout the process and the project I’m talking about it consistently through the agenda or the phone calls to change orders as well as always change order says always something new comes up to them that they’re in the process they look like they wanted to put into the project. You know basement remodeling Milwaukee has lots of different private projects and processes that we do it help communicate with our clients and these are just some of them and some of the ideas that we helped with our clients give because you know we wanted to pass along all these different processes and projects.