Tissington say hello hello. Okay so I was wrong I thought I only had one more load to do but I actually have two more left to do by the end of the day. Tell you about two and a half hours left to get to dark by the Bell like an hour per hour for article. I think basement remodeling Milwaukee.  they are so I think the key them her thing to like having a project yeah. you know. So now I’m just going to kind of walk it out to her room is freezing. I really don’t know what I’m going to say the start of all this I really just kind of running out of ideas. Usually like 4:00 on Thursday Friday my ideas come start to run out just because I’ve been like typing early writing so I watch. So I just kind of need to like relax a couple days and you shall be packed and ready to go on Monday. Next week I don’t know how long do the sixth day I might just might have to have to do at least six a day because I need to get 25 before at least 20 maybe 25 before I go home on Friday.

Well I have to go in for Nara Thursday night at Freddy plushies. It’s on Thursday after work I’ll be driving back to Madison hopefully I get there around like 6 to 6:30 is my goal and then I get up to Minocqua around like 10 maybe. It’ll be long a lot of politically settle 2 days to completely just kind of relax and hang out. And then on Sunday hopefully by like 1 will do start driving back again.  I’m not sure about my stay up there longer she was done staying out there around after me. Just because she likes to hang out with her family went on. They also we’re doing that and then I was watching a little bit I had a lot of friends I went down to the parade today in my old room and went down a surprise you when she could care less what I think she felt bad cuz her new roommate wanted to go but I don’t want to go with. It’s living I host basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Okay so yeah I think the most important thing I have to do is just getting things done. If you want to get paid make when you’re going to have to get stuff done. Improve or be successful if you’re not doing anything. I mean if that was a thing of feeling a lot of people just want to 7 to talk to do nothing if they can make a lot of money for you but it’s really not a feasible option and I all of the things in the works out for the people. All I want to do that but I can that to try and have the feeling that have a lot of success image real thing I guess. And I think that people just need to understand that like hard work really does pay off in like in the end like that’s all you can do basement remodeling Milwaukee.

She looking at a room and I find a Google images of second all blue room I think we were feeling. I have polka dots and stuff on it but in all the room like off of walls are blue. That’s what the blue book cells within the Blue Book weather for the following are acceptable copy of the sectional couch to actually likes you but they use not even really like the sectional as a big old u-shaped. And I think I look really ugly. Tell table report. I really like the look of the area rug that they have chosen. It looks like it’s a go white kind of base area rug. What other that well that was awkward. I’m just losing focus so fast right now I’m not really sure as to why. The last night my apartment I rented out a food truck. And on prior to going down to get food beside your look up late this food trucks menu in to see what they had. And we both kinda hoping that they had other stuff other than what was on their menu basement remodeling Milwaukee. They since I’m sure with Prepaid for drug they had only a very limited menu. And they trusted tacos which I love tacos but I definitely was not in the mood for that just because I usually eat tacos La during the week anyways I like how to play for like a sandwich or something. Especially since on Wednesday to advertise a sandwich so I especially didn’t have any sandwiches on their money other than the pita sandwich. But I guess people work better than buying food for less purple just using to take us to get the food. But yeah they did a lot of good sandwiches and therefore I sound really good basement remodeling Milwaukee.

They called them they’re chive fries. And I never even thought about that Butch has a price so I’m going to have to try so I wanted to give it a try at some point. I know that this 2 food truck has a maid Hub restaurant downtown. Not really sure where exactly is located and what they have for us it’s all I would like to let go down there and give that a try just because the rest of the food sounded so good. I really wanted to try their Nashville chicken Outsiders but I was cuz I was only able to do tacos. But I did what I was able to get their steak taco on speak with a little weird face texture wise my paint I really wish that there was something on top of them that wasn’t just like onion. So that was going to follow up with overall they were pretty good tacos. I still think that you chose are the best tacos ever had basement remodeling Milwaukee.