End  testing hello hello hello.  perfect that I have 7 many of my articles it is Thursday today. I am on my fifth article of the day I’m hoping to get one more don’t have to this then I can meet up with you for the rest of the day just focus on other things basement remodeling Milwaukee. And I’m supposed to get a couple of stone everyday. I just need to make sure that I’m staying start phrase at least a certain amount of times. I had no I’m good I ever talk about like knowing when to DIY. My voice pain like a prayer Lee crafty person and I’ve always liked doing DIY projects. But like I see all my DIY projects are like on a much smaller scale. Like I’ll do a lot of like DIY lick Furniture a home decor or something like that. Like a few years ago I allowed a free like wicker patio set on the side of the road basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I need it bad yourself for a new apartment like that I was really into like 3 years ago until I picked it up off this side of the street and I brought a home in like I was kind of a ravelling a little bit. Which wasn’t a big deal because all I have to do is literally like hot-glue down some pieces of the Wicker. It’s like that was not bad at all obviously and then it was like the plane like wood colored liquor that just a typical Waker pieces that you would see how he sleep. And I kind of wanted something break fun so I got this really pretty like to Blue spray paint. And my dad set up like a hole like spray paint tent in our garage so that I wouldn’t spray paint other stuff blue and what not and I painted it like this bright teal. And it turned out really cool the only thing is is that like I only needed it for like a year because I thought that I would have been told or what I’ve been able to protect I was me moving out of that apartment. But the furniture doesn’t hold up long ago only got to really use it for a year cuz then after I moved out I just kind of started at my parents house in their garage and I’m not sure they want me to do this but of course return travel again basement remodeling Milwaukee.

So I just ended up throwing it out because I was like I’m not going to like every year I’m not going to Blue down the Wicker delete be able to use it again. So that was one day I Y that was super easy it made a really fun table color on our deck and like it look really nice. And I really like having like Bright Furniture outside I think that it just looks really nice. And tell you that that was like one of the ones I did and I also that summer at the same summer we needed a dining table. I’m a very noticeable for crafty person so I found a dining table and chair set for sale Marketplace for twenty bucks it didn’t look like anything fabulous but it looks like it could be. So I went and picked it up brought it home and wash my mom when I pick you up at all because I was at work so I could really go get it I didn’t want to lose out on it. That’s why I didn’t know what the crap like this like dark green color. Like I was so ugly and like the chairs like this orange. I guess the story behind next table was that the wife was selling it so it was her Grandma’s table or something and it just is… So much and eventually they said used it as a now she’s just looking to get rid of it and I was like 12 or 20 bucks so they would look nicer can look like crap and I’ll throw it away either way. And I so first I sanded it all down to get like all the paint off of it and I was shocked because as I was sending my private like three different layers of paint basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Select most recently that table was Green at one point it was like blue there was a little bit of yellow on it and then all the way down at you finally found like a natural what color which was like a dark walnut. And I could have kept it but ended up standing you in a little bit more just cuz up hey I wanted to make sure that the due paid with stick. so I painted like the base of this table was a good big circle table with paint it’s a basic a bright white. And then I painted flat top of the table I stained it like a dark brown color. That it has for the chairs they stayed like the seat of all the chairs the same dark brown I painted the rest of the frame of the chair like that bright white. So that they would all patch cohesively and look like all part of the same set which was originally they were part of the same today anyways basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I think that was turned out super nice both projects were like really easy and like enjoyable and I think that’s a good cut DIY that you can do because it even if you’ll excuse up on the furniture like you can just get rid of it kind of thing. If you screw up on your house you can just get rid of your house so. But that actually this past spring I would move me again and I had to sell my data table and I bought it for $20 and I sold it for almost $100 including all the chairs basement remodeling Milwaukee.