Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Wheeling and Dealing

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Hi good morning everyone how is your happy Friday im here at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and I am thinking about some upcoming estimates with possibility of closing those deals so I wanted to bring it up in the announcements this morning that we have the best special going on in town and that special is a free estimate and 15% off your proposal with the option to finance like who on earth would pass this up I mean free no cost no obligations no connections no nada nothing we are here to discuss your project the projected revenue needed and then we are willing to move forward with your project after its financed and promise a 15% lower cost than all others in the town who wouldn’t take advantage of such a deal like what a deal this is for us now lets think about it at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I sometimes order stuff for the office and when I tell you I order stuff I order stuff from office max and holy need for coupon codes pens for example like I can buy pens for .99 at some stores wrist rests why do those things range in price no I don’t need butterflies or flower I just need some support so my hands don’t fall off my arms but lets talk clip board holy cows what on earth is up with those you know the cheapest clip board I would find was 34.00 I am happy it can carry most of the materials needed and serves its purpose but I almost hit the floor when I saw the price then I google amazon and im lost for words these people are crazy there should be a new owners package for signing up like you get all office max logo items clip boards and pens pencils writ rest calculator maybe even a logoed pen holder just an idea that would be great I would allow sponsors to display logos for free stuff but these people rather go to the extra mile and slap huge prices instead of logos but that is okay what about dresses the other day I was thinking about interviews and if I had to interview something what would that look like and I though well definitely a wardrobe change for that day I must spruce up the look I cannot interview people looking rough then I started to price clothing like nope goodwill it is and I have a rewards card what a deal I found some cool stuff I paid 3.00 for a jacket that could have easily been 25 plus dollars I am amazed with the deals I find at good will you know what is crazy sometimes they sell the smelliest shoes ever and the dirtiest shoes one time I took a pair of shoes off the selves only to find they had mud inside them why even put these on the self I understand scuffs but the odor and the inside should be presentable a wash machine can only do so much at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are the best with savings we will research materials we build relationships we live to better serve the community around us than to put them in situations they cannot afford we live for everyone enjoying life and the space they want to improve to better purpose the family that Is what we stand for bringing families together to create memories it’s a joy to work with a family and understand their dream the team comes together to help with the most of things they make sure every family has great support and then they make sure that the family is prepared mentally physically and financially some projects start with a big dream in mind for the goal then reality hits obstacles are thrown and it becomes a step by step process you are never rejected and your project will always be a goal we always keep in mind your end goal be mindful of the cost that obstacles may come ahead and there are smooth sailing project so there are those too be prepared and start with step one a free estimate at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I was so surprised they did free estimates I was in disbelief I couldn’t understand how they just did things the way they did I was shocked people will call for an estimate and be frustrated with the days or times available its free you get free services from the most respected remodeling company in Milwaukee to top that off you don’t have to drive around and look at different show rooms everything is brought to you theres a team of laborers there are subcontractors then we have 15% lower prices than any other company in town what can you do refuse free stuff nope you pick up your phone you call back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and you sign up for your project then you will get your proposal and if you need to break it down in steps and timeframes we may work with you but we will promise you will have your dream space and we will be there for you through the process don’t miss out on your great deal we cant get over the free estimate and our 15% lower prices than any other get your estimates call around go to show rooms we will show you who we are and what we do call the best team in town at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will show you we will build you a floor plan we will build you everything you need we will even help you prepare and find you services that will help you through the remodels if it’s a kitchen that provides free meals or a free shower for your bathroom remodel we have it we got it here for you at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will walk you through this process we know the changes aren’t easy and some are definitely unpredictable but you cannot miss the deal like what a deal show us your quotes we will be it by 15% that is what we do